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So, when Sara McClung gave me my Honest Scrap award over there, I totally dropped the ball and forgot to pay it forward! I guess this comes from being a relatively inexperienced blogger; I’m not entirely familiar with bloggy etiquette just yet. BUT – it’s never too late! So in the spirit of the Honest Scrap award, I would like to nominate the following blogs for your daily to-read list:

1. My friend and mentor Sophie has a laugh-till-your-face-hurts, slap-your-knee, hoot-so-loud-the-neighbors-worry kind of blog over at Boomama. Not kidding, people. There’s a reason the woman gets 80 comments per post. She’s got a solid fan base lookin’ for laughs.

2. Sara’s blog, The Babbling Flow of a Fledgling Scribbler, is an absolute delight – and that right there is a phrase I hardly ever use. Great blog for aspiring authors!

3. Carol of Carol’s Prints offers some of the best reading material out there. And soon, she’s going to publish my character interview, which means I will officially be famous!

4. Harley May was my college roommate during freshman year! She is wonderful and funny and I love reading her adventures in the world of the PTA.

5. Jemi over at Just Jemi is one of several new friends I’ve made on Twitter. I love her posts that give tips on writing!

Seriously guys, you’re missing out if you don’t visit these fantastic people. I’m so glad to know them, and I hope you’ll enjoy their blogs!

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