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Readers Needed!

Hello my dears! I aplologize that it’s been a few days since I posted. I’ve been working really hard on this new project, a.k.a The Book that Shall Not Be Named, and it’s really almost turned into an obsession. I’m really enjoying the process of writing this book, because as I told my husband, I feel like the story is just falling out of my fingertips and onto the pages. I feel like I’m hardly having to work to make this story come together.

It’s easy… almost too easy.

I still have a long way to go, though. I’ve finished writing Part I, but I need to edit it a few more times; there are still a couple of rough parts that need to be cleaned up, and I need to go back and add some more details and description (that is definitely my weakness – I always forget that nobody else can see inside my head).

My agent is reading what I’ve got so far. I am really anxious to hear her thoughts about whether or not this one is worth pursuing, and what she thinks about the writing style and the whole “feel” of the story. But other than that, I don’t have any way of knowing if this story is interesting to anyone but me. Yes, my agent will have some great input and I value her opinion very highly – but I also feel like I need some people to read it that aren’t professionals in the book business. I need people to read it that sort of represent my potential audience.

What I’m trying to say here, dear Readers, is that I need YOU!

What I would like to happen is this: I’m going to go back through Part I of my book with a fine-tooth comb, so to speak, and after that I would like to send it to five or six of you via e-mail and let you read it for yourselves. I will also probably send you a small list of questions for you to answer after you read, so that I can address some specific concerns about the story and make it as good as it can be. I’m looking specifically for GIRLS… sorry guys, maybe later.

So, would you be interested? If you think you might have the time and energy to do this for me, you can let me know either by commenting on this post, sending me a Facebook message, or calling me, if you have my number. I would prefer to keep this restricted to people I know personally, just because I would rather hear constructive criticism from a friend before I hear it from anyone else!

Contact me if you would be willing to read for me – I won’t be able to do this without you!

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