The Clearing

Moving Ahead!

After e-mailing with my agent yesterday, I have decided to take a bit of a break from The Clearing and move forward with my new untitled project. I’m pretty excited about it: It’s going to be divided into three parts (all in the same book, though) and I’ve already finished and edited Part I. I sent it to my agent this morning and she is going to take a look at it and tell me what she thinks!

Also, I am about to dub this “The Book that Shall Not Be Named” because I CANNOT come up with a name for it!! Everything I think of sounds like the ultimate in cheesiness, and I really don’t want it to sound cheesy. I also don’t want it to end up looking or sounding like some Chick Lit book, because it isn’t. I mean, yes, it is about a girl, but it’s not like one of those paperbacks with covers that are hot pink or lime green, with the title written in a curly font.


It’s actually a little bit grim in the beginning. I mean, there are funny parts, but mostly it’s kind of a downer – but that’s what makes you want to keep reading. Or so I hope. You’re supposed to want this girl to do something about her life, and what I want is for the reader to not be able to quit reading because they HAVE to know what she’s going to do about it.

Anyway, I’m not done with The Clearing and it could still sell, because there are several editors we haven’t heard back from, and if it does sell then I will abandon this new project for the time being and get The Clearing all nice and cleaned up. But in the mean time, at least I have something to do!