Tech Fail


In case you missed it, I’ve lost a very violent and bloody battle with the folks over at Google which has resulted in the loss of my old blog! I am so sad! I can’t believe how much trouble I’ve had today because I have always loved Google and my Gmail account, but today they totally betrayed me! It’s like when you’re petting a cat and it’s all sweet and it purrs for the first five minutes, and then out of nowhere it wraps around your hand and rabbit-kicks you until you bleed.

Not that I’ve ever experienced anything like that with my little furry bundle of joy.

Anyway, I’ve lost all my book reviews and all the updates on my own book, The Clearing. If you’re just joining me on this blog, then get ready for some profound, thought-provoking book reviews and some invaluable insight into the world of writing!

Or, if you’re okay with just listening to me ramble, that would be cool too.

Thanks for sticking with me, Readers. Don’t forget to become a member of this blog by clicking the “Follow” button over on the right!

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