More Exciting Book News!

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GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT? Shadows of the Hidden is now available in paperback! Here are the links! You should check them out! MOAR EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! Buy the paperback on AMAZON Buy the paperback on BARNES & NOBLE   And then also, ALSO, that anthology I’m in called Winter Wonders is now available for your enjoyment! Get it for your KINDLE […]

Winter Wonders Available For Pre-Order! (And An Excerpt Of My Story!)

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Hi friends! Just popping in to tell you that WINTER WONDERS, the anthology of winter-themed short stories that I (and many other fabulous authors) are participating in, is now available for pre-order through Compass Press! My story is entitled “The Definition of Insanity.” It’s about a couple of college girls who go on a study […]

Miracles Happen (Alternately Titled: I’ve Done Some Things)

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I don’t know if y’all have figured this out yet, but I am the queen of two things: 1) procrastination and 2) rationalizing my way out of completing tasks I find overwhelming or unpleasant. I KNOW. I will give you a moment to absorb the shock of this revelation. You can imagine, then, how shocked […]

And We’re Off

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So, it’s August. The sixth of August, to be exact. And do you know what happens exactly eight days from now? SCHOOL. SCHOOL HAPPENS. Which means that, while my face currently looks like this… …it will soon look more like THIS. That’s right. In the next week, I will age approximately forty-five years AND get […]