Grasshoppers In Your Hair… Er, Writing

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Several years ago, when Rob and I were just a couple of college kids, we decided to go see a movie. As we stood in the ticket line, I noticed there was a grasshopper in the girl’s hair in front of us. She had that crazy curly kind of hair that can only be tamed […]

In Which I Face The Mountain Of Passive Voice I’ve Created

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Hello!! Yes, it is me! I finally found some time to update my blog, which is exciting – except that the only reason I have time to do it is that I am battling a brutal sinus infection and can’t go to Tennessee this weekend to meet my new niece and nephew, like I was […]

A Blog Post To Keep You From Getting Anywhere Near That Ledge

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Several of my Twitter/blog friends who are aspiring authors have recently finished their novels and now stand on the brink of querying. Exciting, right? Yes, but it’s also mind-numbingly scary. Just researching which agents to query is enough to make some of us want to break all the dishes in our cabinets and stick tape […]

In Which I Shamelessly And Blatantly Steal Shannon’s Idea

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I was just over at Shannon Messenger’s blogĀ and she has the coolest post up right now. It’s her year in writing, and she gives a brief summary of what 2009 has meant to her as a writer, month by month. So I’m stealing her idea, because (as I told Shannon) she is cool. And very […]