How To Let People Critique Your Work

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Okay, so, today’s topic is a tough one. If you’re anything like most writers, you’d much prefer to hole up in your bedroom with your writing and hide under the covers where NO ONE can find you, because if no one can find you, then no one can read what you’ve written, and you won’t […]

Creepy Faces Has A Real Title. Also, A Small Adventure And Manuscript Fights

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Happy Sunday, all! How was everyone’s weekend? Good? Yes? Excellent. First things first: I’d like to report on my latest Small Adventure. I’ve never been a Nail Person. Fingernails, I mean, not the kind you put on a block of wood right before smashing your thumb with a hammer. In my opinion, fingernails are on […]

Some Genius Writing Advice; Also, I Have An Inappropriately Named Disease

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If you’ve logged onto any type of social network in the past twenty-four hours (except for MySpace, because, really?) then you’ve probably seen my wailing and teeth-gnashing over the fact that my husband and I are both a bit under the weather. By which I mean, we have Walking Pneumonia. Somewhere in the depths of […]

Teaching High School: It’s Like Author Bootcamp

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Your fingers slip off the handle as you try to open the door. Like the rest of you, they’re covered in cold sweat. You stand outside the room, taking one last opportunity to second guess everything from your hair to your clothes. What will they think of you? Will they laugh at your jokes? Will […]

Breaking Up With Goodreads

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Well, I did it. I deleted my Goodreads account. You may have seen me considering it on Twitter, when I asked if anyone else had thought about saying “Goodbye” to Goodreads. I was surprised at the number of people who responded with a hearty YES! Seems I’m not the only one with Goodreads-related issues. There […]