Giveaways, And Also I’m Not In Labor

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So yesterday, I had to leave school in the middle of the day because of a slightly concerning combination of pain and pressure in my lower abdomen. My doctor wanted to see me right away, so naturally I was convinced that THIS WAS IT, THE BABY WAS COMING RIGHT THIS MINUTE, but no, Grasshoppers. No. […]

Book Signings Can Still Be Fun Without Books…Right?

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So here’s the deal, Grasshoppers. It seems that my launch party for Shadows this Sunday–you know, the one where I was supposed to have books that I could sign and sell to people?–will probably be bookless. I was under the impression that they would be delivered in time for the launch, but now I’ve been told they […]

More Exciting Book News!

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GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT? Shadows of the Hidden is now available in paperback! Here are the links! You should check them out! MOAR EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! Buy the paperback on AMAZON Buy the paperback on BARNES & NOBLE   And then also, ALSO, that anthology I’m in called Winter Wonders is now available for your enjoyment! Get it for your KINDLE […]

I AM FREAKING OUT (Warning: Closeups Of Mah Face)

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Guys. GUYS. Shadows of the Hidden is officially OUT THERE for you to read! Which means I am simultaneously DYING of excitement overload and also breaking out in a cold sweat because HOLY COW, people are going to actually READ this thing!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been through a whole gamut of emotions in the past ten minutes. It […]