Pre-Famous Author Interview: Dean Mayes

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When Dean Mayes first emailed me to ask if I would review his book, I had no idea that our initial interaction would grow into the online friendship we’ve enjoyed over the past month. Dean is such a fun, sincere, and gracious guy, and I’m so glad his email made its way into my inbox! […]

Pre-Famous Author Interview: Heather Trese

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Heather Trese (who sent me two pictures to choose from… really, Heather, was there ever a chance I wouldn’t pick this one?) has kindly consented to be my next Pre-Famous Author interviewee! I’ve gotten to know Heather on blogs and Twitter, which I guess is an okay substitute for knowing her in real life. Before […]

Pre-Famous Author Interview: Harley May

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Harley May is different from all my other writer friends. You know why? Because I know her…wait for it…IN REAL LIFE! I know! It’s so unheard of. But I promise, it’s true. Before we get to her interview, here’s a little background on Harley. She lived in Korea with her parents, who were missionaries, until she was […]

Pre-Famous Author Interview: Boudreau Freret

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I can’t think of anyone better to kick off the Pre-Famous Author Interviews than Mr. Boudreau Freret! I have found him to be charming, witty, and always full of helpful advice when you need it. We’ll start with a little background information, and then we’ll move on to the interview. While he’s fairly confident he […]

Two Great Awards, One New Blog Series, And A Partridge In A… Well, You Know.

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Courtney Reese and Jemi Fraser, two of my writing-heros-slash-comrades, have each given me a new blog award! Hooray! The first is from Jemi and is called the Circle of Friends award. I’ll agree with her: The online writing community has got to be the best in the world! Well, maybe with the exception of the online […]