Grasshoppers In Your Hair… Er, Writing

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Several years ago, when Rob and I were just a couple of college kids, we decided to go see a movie. As we stood in the ticket line, I noticed there was a grasshopper in the girl’s hair in front of us. She had that crazy curly kind of hair that can only be tamed […]

Doing What I Should Have Done, A Little Later Than I Should Have Done It

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I started a new project today: Outlining my book.¬† “But Anne,” you say, “isn’t that something you’re supposed to do before¬†you write a book?” Yes, dear Readers. Many authors do outline their novels before they type so much as a title page, and for lots of people, this is a wonderful method of completing a […]

If Kathryn Stockett Can Do It, So Can Anne Riley

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My friend and mentor S. told me about this yesterday after I lamented to her about my continuing battles to sell my book. I believed her, but I don’t think I really appreciated it until I saw it in print. Regarding Kathryn Stockett, author of bestselling novel The Help: “Nearly 60 agents turned down Kathryn […]

I Want To Eat The Cake That I Have.

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So, at some point last year I got it into my head that I “deserve” to be a writer. And do you know why I “deserve” to be a writer? Because I WANT to be a writer. That’s right, friends: I have an overdeveloped sense of entitlement. I’m going to be very frank right here. […]