Begin As You Mean To Go On

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Well. I suppose THIS is really happening, isn’t it? It’s funny; I have a distinct memory from about a thousand years ago of my family sitting around the dinner table together (because we did that, because we are awesome) talking about some trip my sister was about to take with some church group. Maybe a […]

I Am Angry At Television (But I Love John Green)

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The Husband and I have decided to embark on an experiment together. We are not going to watch TV until Friday night. Not because we believe that TV is somehow WRONG, and not because we’re trying to be annoying by saying “Oh, we just don’t have TIME for television.” We DO have time, and we […]

Operation Hotmother: Not Winning

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*longsuffering sigh* Okay, friends, here’s the thing. Operation Hotmother has officially become THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. Nothing changes. Nothing makes a difference. That scale reads 163 if I work out. 163 if I don’t. 163 if I eat lettuce all day. 163 if I chow down on some Wendy’s. So. We’re changing tactics . […]

Three Exciting Announcements, Plus One Exciting Reminder

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If you’re on top of your game, you might have noticed something different about my website. That’s right: The glamor shots in the top right corner are GONZO! And in case you didn’t know, “gonzo” is Mom-speak for the more commonly used “gone.” (And also the nickname of one of my BFFs, whose last name […]

Operation Hotmother: A Failure Of Epic Proportions

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Well folks, we’ve had to revamp a few things about Operation Hotmother. Mainly because I HAVE FAILED MISERABLY. If you remember, I said something like this: “Oh, I’ve only got seven pounds to lose! How hard can it be? I’ll just take pictures of everything I eat and exercise every day and I’m just SURE […]