Giveaway: A LITTLE SALTY TO CUT THE SWEET by Sophie Hudson

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THE DAY YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR HAS ARRIVED. I promised you a giveaway of this delightful book, and today, I DELIVER. If you missed this blog post in which I (metaphorically) lit some sparklers and did an interpretive dance about my love for this hilarious and touching collection of southern stories, well, ALLOW ME […]

Most Watermarks Are Not This Exciting (Giveaway!)

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The fabulous Krissi Dallas and I first connected a couple years ago as I was self-publishing The Clearing. Krissi had self-published her first novel as well–a YA fantasy called Windchaser. But then the book was picked up by Tate Publishing, and lo, Krissi found herself traditionally published. Needless to say, her story was a great inspiration to me. I […]


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GRASSHOPPERS! You know how you’ve been dreaming of the day when I would post a Rafflecopter giveaway for TWO COPIES of my YA novel, SHADOWS OF THE HIDDEN? Well guess what? That day has come! This giveaway will run through Friday, April 12, at which point I will select TWO WINNERS who will receive a […]

Giveaways, And Also I’m Not In Labor

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So yesterday, I had to leave school in the middle of the day because of a slightly concerning combination of pain and pressure in my lower abdomen. My doctor wanted to see me right away, so naturally I was convinced that THIS WAS IT, THE BABY WAS COMING RIGHT THIS MINUTE, but no, Grasshoppers. No. […]