In Which There Are Many Things Afoot

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SO. It has been a while, Grasshoppers, has it not? I’m not sure why I let so many days go by with NARY A BLOG POST, but alas, sometimes the Blogging Fairies just don’t sprinkle me with their gold fairy dust, or maybe they ran out of gold fairy dust and had to settle for […]

In Which I Have, Yet Again, Proven My Insanity

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So, y’all remember that Creepy Faces / Beneath The Darkness book I’ve been talking about for a while? The scary one that I’ve written about 45,000 words in? Yeah, I’m probably going to scrap it. The problem is this: I just can’t make it do what I want it to do. Like, I have this […]

Blog Me Maybe…Not

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So, the INSTANT I installed that cute little image over there in the sidebar, life went exploded. Currently, I am wading my way through the following: 1) The end of the school year, which–as you will recall–turns me into a sort of kraken-type-thing that destroys everything in its path. 2. Baby Girl has decided to […]

Spreadsheets: It Has Come To This

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I’ve always felt terrible for people who have A.D.D. How infuriating it must be to feel overwhelmed by the distractions around you, to panic because you cannot focus on anything long enough to finish it. My problem has always been the opposite: I focus on things SO HARD that I often have no idea what’s […]