Punching The Sads In The Face

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I’d be lying if I said the past week was anything other than a giant man-eating mutant robot giraffe made entirely of rotten bananas and stinking of spoiled milk. HOW’S THAT FOR A MENTAL IMAGE? Look, it’s the best picture I could find. YOU try Googling “rotten banana robot giraffe” and see if you find […]

Frumpy And Grumpy: A Deadly Combination

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Today has mostly been a blur of random naps and forced baths. Well, just the one bath. But the naps? I’ve lost count. It all started in church, when I got all grumpy because everybody else looked so darn CUTE–skinny jeans, knee-high boots, scarves with fun patterns on them, and the HAIR, my word, the […]

There’s A Sugar Overload, And Then There’s THIS

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My lovely friend K’s little girl turned one year old today. Now, first birthdays are generally special and entertaining, especially when the Birthday Boy or Girl really gets into the SMASHING OF THE CAKE! and the LICKING OF THE FINGERS! and the THROWING OF THE ICING! But this particular first birthday was a little EXTRA […]

And We’re Off

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So, it’s August. The sixth of August, to be exact. And do you know what happens exactly eight days from now? SCHOOL. SCHOOL HAPPENS. Which means that, while my face currently looks like this… …it will soon look more like THIS. That’s right. In the next week, I will age approximately forty-five years AND get […]