“Character Invasion” From The Lovely And Talented Alexandra Shostak

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Alexandra Shostak is one of my favorite online writer friends. Unfortunately she has not yet moved to the South, which is all kinds of tragic. She challenges me, encourages me, and is always up for a philosophical debate. She plays the guitar and, oh yeah, she’s a fabulous writer! So let’s sit back and watch […]

The All-New “Character Invasion” Series

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Due to the positive feedback I got regarding my Veronica Bishop post, I’ve had a SPECTACULAR idea. I’m starting a new blog series called “Character Invasions.” And you know what? I need YOU to make it happen! Here’s the 411. (Oooh, hello 1998. Did I really just say that? Mmm. Pretend that never happened.) What […]

The Incredibly Difficult Veronica Bishop Stops By For A Chat

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It is eleven-thirty at night. I’ve been asleep for two hours when my phone rings. It’s Veronica Bishop, the main character of my WIP, Synthesis. Veronica says she couldn’t sleep and wants to know if she can come over. Since I have a bone to pick with her anyway, I say yes. “Good thing you […]

The Amazing Carol And An Interview With Natalie Watson

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Hi all! Just a quick note to tell you that if you haven’t checked out Carol Miller’s blog yet, you should head over to it right now by clicking right here. And while you’re admiring her fabulousness and wishing you could be her (because trust me, you will) you can check out the character interview […]