And Then Someone Tells You To Call Your Doctor

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So, y’all remember how I said I was starting counseling? Well, it happened–but not until yesterday. Turns out it’s hard to coordinate schedules between one working mom and another working mom who also volunteers as a church counselor two days per week. Anyway, the lovely Counselor J. and I met for lunch yesterday. She asked […]

No Shame In Struggling

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It seems that a lot of people in the writing world are struggling right now. They’re struggling with waiting, or rejection, or uncertainty, or self-doubt. You’re right, that last one’s pretty out there. I don’t know ANY writers who struggle with self-doubt. BAZINGA. I’m not sure what it is that’s got so many of us […]

…And Then Something Completely Unexpected Happens

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Yesterday was a weird day. And not a good weird, either. An unsettling, uncomfortable, wow-things-can-change-really-suddenly kind of weird. The long and the short of it is this: I’ve had a rug pulled out from under my feet. A really, really important rug. A rug I took for granted. And now I’m standing on this rough […]

I’m Having A Breakdown; Also, The Lovely Heather McCorkle Gets Invaded By Her Character

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Don’t forget to enter The Clearing Giveaway Part Deux, running through the end of May! *          *          * Well. If I were to start this post with something like, “My, the end of the school year is busy!” or, “Goodness, when did life get so crazy?” or, “Hey, I’m not sure how much more of […]

I Need Cookies

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Since Dana beat me in the Writers Duel, I’ll be posting that embarrassing picture soon. I promise. And don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait. But until then, I’ll be crying quietly in a corner and devouring every piece of chocolate in my path. Why? Well, those of you with good memories may remember that […]