Wow! Thanks! Please Excuse Me While I Die Of A Flattery Overdose!

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So, the Fairy Tale Blogfest hosted by Emily White? WAS. AWESOME. In fact, I think I got more feedback on this blogfest entry than on any others, ever. Which is really the main reason I do them – you wouldn’t believe the amount of constructive criticism, feedback, encouragement, etc. you get from these things. I’ll […]

Cinderella Goes Rogue

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Emily White over at Stepping Into Fantasy¬†is hosting a great blogfest today, and I am determined to get it written and posted before the 8:00 bell rings (yep, I’m a teacher, if you didn’t know). That’s dedication, folks. Blogging at 7:37 am is nothing short of a triumphant feat. The point of today’s Fairy Tale […]