Cheating On Creepy Faces

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So, if you’ve been hanging around here for a while, 1) I kind of pity you because really, I don’t make a whole lot of sense, and 2) you’ve probably heard me talk about my Creepy Faces book. It’s awesome. And creepy. And I love it. But. BUT BUT BUT. I just finished reading Anna […]

In Which I Try To Update You On Things Without Being Tacky

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So, I lied. I’m not taking a bloggy break, after all. You know why? Because Z-packs are FRIGGIN’ AWESOME, that’s why. Y’all, I took one pill a day for three days and I feel like SUPERWOMAN. I was kind of joking on Twitter about how the doctor couldn’t figure out what, exactly, my demon-germs were, […]

A Short Excerpt From BENEATH THE DARKNESS (Creepy Faces)

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Okay, so, I couldn’t think of anything to blog about, and I just wrote this section of BTD that I really love. So I thought, how about if I share it with you? Please leave a comment if you enjoy it; however, this is a first-draft version that will undergo about a million rounds of […]

Creepy Faces Has A Real Title. Also, A Small Adventure And Manuscript Fights

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Happy Sunday, all! How was everyone’s weekend? Good? Yes? Excellent. First things first: I’d like to report on my latest Small Adventure. I’ve never been a Nail Person. Fingernails, I mean, not the kind you put on a block of wood right before smashing your thumb with a hammer. In my opinion, fingernails are on […]