In Which I Did Not Go To Coyote Ugly

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I know, I KNOW. You’re so disappointed. HOW could I have trekked 3.5 hours all the way to Nashville, Tennessee, and not partaken in the klassy happenings at Coyote Ugly? Like this: I didn’t. (Also, I just tried to find a not-too-scandalous photo of the Coyote Ugly girls to post here. SPOILER ALERT: there aren’t […]

That Time I Accidentally Flew To Europe For Spring Break

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I don’t remember what it was that had every plane in America grounded / delayed / overbooked that day in March 2007. Maybe it was snow, or a hurricane, or one of those volcanoes in Iceland that erupts every once in a while and covers the entire northern hemisphere with a massive ash cloud.  Whatever […]

Creepy Faces Has A Real Title. Also, A Small Adventure And Manuscript Fights

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Happy Sunday, all! How was everyone’s weekend? Good? Yes? Excellent. First things first: I’d like to report on my latest Small Adventure. I’ve never been a Nail Person. Fingernails, I mean, not the kind you put on a block of wood right before smashing your thumb with a hammer. In my opinion, fingernails are on […]

Anne And Harley’s Epic Girl Date Of Epicness

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The following events took place on the night of Friday, January 20th, 2012, between the hours of 5:30 and 7:00 pm. Names have not been changed because there are no innocent parties to protect.  * It’s 5:30 pm and I’m late for my date with Harley May. I pull into the Whole Foods parking lot […]

2012 Adventure #1: Point Clear

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They said it couldn’t be done. “Impossible,” they shouted, while making that half-wave gesture that always seems to accompany the word “impossible.” But I tell you the truth, ladies and gentlemen: Anne Riley has followed through on something she said she would do. *Cue wild applause, throwing of confetti, prancing Zebras, wand-wielding magicians and cats […]