“So, Are You Still Writing?” – The Story of the Past Year of My Life

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Almost without fail, whenever I see an acquaintance at the grocery store, a friend at a party, or a relative at a holiday gathering, I am asked the same question: “So, are you still writing?” Now, this question comes in different forms, but whether it’s “Are you working on any books right now?” or “I […]

PULL: Who I’d Cast As Albert And Rosie

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So! Pull comes out tomorrow in e-book! (You’ll be able to get it in paperback on the 16th. Is there an explanation for the double release date? Yes. Is it worth detailing here? Not really.) Now that we are QUITE LITERALLY on the cusp of being thrown headlong into Rosie and Albert’s crime-fighting, underground-superhero version of London, […]

If VOYAGE TO THE STAR KINGDOM Had An Acknowledgments Page…

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Today, I realized something about children’s books: they don’t have an acknowledgments page. While I understand the probable reasoning behind this (simpler format, less clutter, etc. etc.), I also feel that, as an author, writing the acknowledgments for a book is a really important part of the process. It forces me outside of myself–and if you […]