Voyage to the Star Kingdom FAQS (And Answers!)

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If you missed the announcement about my children’s picture book, go here and find out all the details! ~ As the release date for Voyage to the Star Kingdom approaches, I thought it might be helpful to answer some of the FAQs I’ve gotten about the book. (How’s that for a to-the-point introduction?) These are GREAT questions, […]

2016: The Year Of ALL THE THINGS

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So, last night, as I was sitting on my sofa and doing a whole lot of glorious nothing, it struck me that 2016 is looking like QUITE THE YEAR. JANUARY: Releasing Voyage to the Star Kingdom on the 12th; possibly doing launch-type event? FEBRUARY: Releasing Pull on the 2nd; also throwing launch party at some point FROM NOW THROUGH […]

Release Dates! Blog Tours! Goodreads Pages!

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Well, Grasshoppers, this winter is shaping up to be QUITE AN EXCITING ONE. I want to keep you in the loop on all things bookish, so please bear with me as I do this as clearly and simply as possible. First and foremost, Voyage to the Star Kingdom is now on Goodreads! You can add […]

How You Can Help “Voyage to the Star Kingdom” Set Sail

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I’m still completely taken aback by the response to this children’s book. Not that the situation doesn’t warrant such a response; it certainly does, and I’m humbled to see so many people rise up to love on the Gieselmanns. The whole thing has just exceeded my expectations in the very best way, and I am […]

Voyage to the Star Kingdom–More Details

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If you missed it, please read my original post about this children’s book project here.  * I don’t know what to say. Thank you. Thank you for sharing my post about Frazer, Dana, and their girls. Thank you for spreading the news of their situation and the book I’m working on. Thank you for the […]