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PULL: Who I’d Cast As Albert And Rosie

So! Pull comes out tomorrow in e-book!

(You’ll be able to get it in paperback on the 16th. Is there an explanation for the double release date? Yes. Is it worth detailing here? Not really.)

Pull Small FC

Now that we are QUITE LITERALLY on the cusp of being thrown headlong into Rosie and Albert’s crime-fighting, underground-superhero version of London, I thought we’d have a little fun with this question:

If Pull ever got made into a movie, who would I want to cast as Albert and Rosie?

(With the understanding that it probably won’t, and even if it ever did, I’d have ZERO control over the casting process.)

I thought about this for a long time–well, at least as long as it took for my taco meat to finish simmering–and here is what I decided.

If I could pick anyone to play Rosie Clayton, it would be Rita Volk.

Rosie Clayton 2

Now, I really have no idea who Rita Volk is, but I stumbled across her in my search for the perfect Rosie, and she really seemed to fit the character who pranced around in my head as I wrote Pull. She’s pretty, but she also looks really down to earth, and maybe even a little sassy.

And if you know anything about Pull, you know our Rosie is a sass-a-frass.


And as for the best person to play Albert Shaw, I would choose Brant Daugherty.

Albert Shaw

Again, I don’t really know who this guy is (something about Pretty Little Liars?). But I stumbled across him in the same way I stumbled across Rita, and he seemed like the perfect fit. He looks like he’d listen to anything you wanted to say, but he would also be ready to punch you in the face at any given moment.

And, yep… that’s Albert.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 4.00.34 PM

(Did I mention he’s also a little sassy?)

If you want to pre-order Pull tonight, or you want to wait and order it tomorrow, be my guest–I’d be honored for you to read it! You can find it on Amazon here. I’m so excited for you guys to meet Rosie and Albert, and to fall into the rabbit hole of London’s secret life that I created for you!