The Journey From “Sold!” To Release Date: How PULL Is Finding Its Way To Your Hands

I’ve lost count of how many people have asked me about the process of editing PULL post-sale. Not that I was counting how many people had asked about it, because that would be weird, but what I’m trying to say is that it’s A LOT OF PEOPLE.

The whole process was a mystery to me, too, because even though I’d sold SHADOWS to a small publishing house, the steps from signing the contract to releasing the book weren’t at all what they have been with PULL.

However: I have learned. And lo, I will share my newfound knowledge with you. Maybe you’re a new writer wondering what you can expect if your book sells, or you’ve just sold to a publisher and you’re curious what’s next for you in the coming months. Or maybe you don’t write at all, but you are SUPER CONFUSED about publishing and you thought the cover reveal meant the book was out but apparently you were wrong.

I am here for you.

Every publisher is (probably) a little different, but here are the steps I’ve taken with PULL on its journey from my hard drive to your hands.

June 2013: PULL sells to Spencer Hill Press. Flailing and tossing of confetti ensues.

January 2014: After Agent Emma negotiates for SIX ENTIRE MONTHS, I finally announce the deal. More flailing. More confetti.

January-February 2014: Edits from publisher, Round 1. This is called the “Big Picture Pass” and it is where you fix larger, more general issues. I thought it would be the hardest round. I was wrong. I was DEAD WRONG.

April-July 2014: Edits from publisher, Round 2. This is, by far, the most extensive round of edits I have ever done on any manuscript, ever. It takes me four full months. Agent Emma tells me she’s never seen an author “turn a manuscript inside-out” the way I have with PULL.

Late July 2014: Both of my editors announce they are leaving SHP, which means PULL and I are in limbo.

August 2014: I am introduced to my new editor, Editor Britta, who is sixteen kinds of awesome.

September-October 2014: Edits from publisher, Round 3. These are substantial, but after Round 2, LITERALLY NOTHING CAN BRING ME DOWN.

November 2014-January 2015: Edits from publisher, Round 4. This one isn’t bad at all–getting into the fine-tuning and polishing.

Late January 2015: I get to write the book’s dedication and acknowledgments, which is really, really fun. More fun than I thought it would be.

February 2015: I get to see PULL’s cover for the first time! I remember having a visceral reaction to its GORGEOUSNESS. But I couldn’t show anyone. TORTUUUUURRRE.

Pull Widget

Late February 2015: Copy edits, Round 1. These get really nit-picky (NOT in a bad way–they are things that do need to be changed, but they are relatively very small things). I finish these edits in one afternoon.

March 2015: I am introduced to my publicist, Damaris. We talk about marketing strategies and the cover reveal. She is delightful.

Mid-March 2015: Copy edits, Round 2. These take a bit longer than the first round, but only because I’m reading through the entire manuscript again, which I did not do the first time.

April 2015: Currently, PULL is in the hands of the “closer,” which means this will be my final official pass for edits.

What’s Next: I’ll get PULL in various formats, such as pass pages, a bound proof, and ARCs. I’ll be able to fix small errors, but nothing big. The very thought of having my hands tied AT ALL makes me want to breathe into a paper bag, but I suppose I have to stop working on it at some point, right?

December 8, 2015: RELEASE DAY!!!

Don’t forget to add PULL on Goodreads if you haven’t. I can’t wait for you guys to read it! Thanks for the support, thanks for asking questions, thanks for being interested. It means the world.