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It’s Gonna Be May

Oh, you HAD to know this was coming.


If there is a better way to ring in the month of May than with an N’Sync gif, I don’t know what it is, and if it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right, etc. etc.


Hi, and welcome to the May Day celebration here on Anne Riley Books! Now, before you even think about pointing it out, I am WELL aware that my last blog post was on April Fool’s Day. Which was ONE MONTH ago. And that, friends, is just unacceptable.

But here’s the thing.

I’m a high school teacher, right? And late spring at any high school in America–or the world, for that matter–looks something like one of those orc battle scenes from Lord of the Rings, except we’re all just a little prettier and we don’t make that screeching/retching noise every time we open our mouths.


Aside from school, I’m also waist-deep in my second round of edits for Pull, and BOY, IS THIS ROUND A DOOZIE. I’ve basically rewritten the beginning of the book and will now proceed to make the rest of it MORE BETTER.


Don’t get me wrong–I actually love doing edits. No, really. I would rather edit a book than write a book. But the problem is that it’s SUPER HARD to edit a book that doesn’t exist, which is why I resign myself to writing them first.

We all have our cross to bear, I suppose.

When you combine work and revisions with children, husband, house, and other random things like yardwork, sometimes you have to find a small thing to cut out of your life for just a little while, and for me, that thing is blogging. So until I get done with this round of revisions, I’m going to blog on the first of each month–but I’ll try to make it worth the wait.

How, you ask?

Well, how about two completely amazing videos?

Awesome Video #1: This llama prancing to DMX’s “Party Up” ┬áis the stuff of dreams. The high schoolers showed it to me weeks ago and I can’t stop watching it. (Make sure your sound is turned up. And if your sound is mysteriously not working, hover your mouse over the video and see if a little sound icon pops up in the top left corner. Then make sure it’s not on mute.) (Why is sound so complicated?)

Awesome Video #2: NFL Bad Lip Reading. This is pretty old, and many of you have probably seen it, but OH MY WORD. (Also, I am fairly confident they don’t say anything off-color, but I can’t totally understand every single word. So if you notice something, I am sorry. And if it’s really bad, let me know.)

Also, keep in mind you can close the little ad banner at the bottom.


Let’s see here..

In other news, we had a fabulous Easter. In our house, Easter is a delightful combination of Jesus’ resurrection, the Easter bunny, and chocolate. M and J had a great time hunting eggs over and over and over and over.




And over…and over…and…*dies*

That backyard, by the way, is my 90-year-old grandmother’s backyard. I hunted eggs in it when I was a little kid, too. And on the Saturday before Easter, we had four generations hunting eggs in Mimi’s backyard.

Quite sentimental, when you think about it.

So that’s our April, and I hope you had a delightful one, too. Happy May, and I’ll see you next month!