Random Life Updates

Surprise! I Have Not Been Eaten By Zombies

So! It’s been a while, eh?

I can explain.

I knew February was going to be a freight train o’ crazy, and sure enough, it delivered. First of all, my deadline for first pass edits (the big stuff that needs to change before we get into the more nitty-gritty details) was March 1, so that, just by itself, was a giant red flag with BUCKLE UP, SISTER printed on it in a 4,000-point font. Something bold and intimidating, like Engravers, maybe.

(I can name most fonts on sight because I spent four years learning the art of advertising and graphic design. So if you’re ever out in public with me, there’s a solid possibility I’ll point at a sign and yell APPLE CHANCERY! or PAPYRUS! and you will have to decide whether or not to pretend you don’t know me.)

(But really, who CAN’T instantly identify Papyrus?!?)

Look, I never said it was my FAVORITE font.
Look, I never said it was my FAVORITE font.


Aside from the revisions on PULL (which, by the way, I finished ONE WHOLE WEEK EARLY, CAN I GET AN AMEN AND A HALLELUJAH and maybe also a nap), I’ve spoken at three different events.

The first one was the Birmingham Local Authors Expo. I did a seminar called “How To Write While Having A Life,” and yes, I can send you the Powerpoint if you want it.

Werkin’ the table.

The second was this past Friday at the Write Connection, which is an invitation-only writing event for high schoolers in the Shelby County public school system. I did four sessions about how I got published and what it takes to become a published author. The students were delightful and I only smuggled three of them home in my backpack.

OH FINE, I didn’t smuggle any of them home. But don’t you think for a minute I didn’t consider it.

And then, just yesterday, I conducted a query seminar/workshop thingy for the Southern Magic chapter of the Romance Writers of America. They were also delightful, though a bit sassier than the high schoolers, which was definitely not a bad thing. I do enjoy a healthy dose of sass here and there. But the really cool part was that I recognized several faces at the workshop, and it turned out they had heard me speak at the Authors Expo back on Feb. 1. And they had decided they wanted to hear me AGAIN.

So that was humbling and really cool, and basically I love them and think they are awesome.

Don't you love pictures of yourself in the middle of a sentence?
Don’t you love pictures of yourself in the middle of a sentence?

Other things I’ve been up to:

–Attending birthday parties, most recently at Build-A-Bear, where the 3-year-old got to take home a multicolored bear that she promptly named “Rainbow.”


I approve wholeheartedly, having named most things “Rainbow” when I was a kid. (Or “Treetop,” which for some reason sounded like the most beautiful name in the world to my four-year-old ears.)

(Incidentally, I also referred to nostrils as “hippopotamuses.” For some reason I feel like that’s important to note.)

Forward and onward to other things we’ve been doing…

–Cutting the satellite TV. We hardly ever watch TV anyway–not because we don’t want to (WE DO), but because we simply don’t have the time. And if the TV did happen to be on, it was on Nick Jr, and who needs DJ Lance yelling at them about eating their vegetables on a daily basis? NOT US, THANKS.


So once we figured out that we were paying $48 a month for cartoons, we decided to cut the satellite out of our lives. Now we’re doing Amazon Prime (which works out to $6.33 a month) and I’ve just ordered a Mohu Leaf indoor HDTV antenna, which has come highly recommended by many people. The one-time cost there is less than our monthly satellite bill. So that seems like a win, provided it works and all.

–Enjoying my new author photos! Have you seen them? Click on my “photos” page, and you get a whole bunch of MAH FACE. You’re welcome.

–I’ve also been approved as a guest/panelist for the Alabama Phoenix Festival, which is sort of a very small, Birmingham-based Comic Con. I’m SUPER EXCITED. That’s going to be in May, but I haven’t added it to my events page yet because I am still recovering from whatever happened in the past four weeks.

–I know I bring this up all the time, but Yellowhammer has REALLY taken off. If you’re not sure what that is, click on the “Yellowhammer” tab at the top of this page and check it out!

And finally…

It’s official–I’ll be in New York from Wednesday, March 19–Saturday, March 22 for the NYC Teen Author Festival (and also (mostly) to meet my amazing agent IN PERSON!!!)! I’m not appearing as an author or anything–just going as an attendee! There’s a great lineup of authors and a wonderful selection of panels, not to mention a Teen Books party on Thursday night and a MASSIVE book signing on Sunday (which, obviously, I will miss). If you’re going to be in the area, holla! I’d love to say hello!

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope to be around a bit more often now that I’ve finished first pass edits, but until next time, have a wonderful week!