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Turkey Dance Party

Listen, you guys, I am going to brag on myself RIGHT OUT OF THE CAGE.

(That is not the correct expression, is it? It’s right out of the…tunnel? Shoot? Barrel? Someone help me here.)

It is November 19. According to my 1,000-words-per-day goal, I should have 19,000 words on my new manuscript.

Well, I don’t have 19,000 words.

I have 19,004.

That is a surplus of FOUR WHOLE WORDS!!!!

photo (9)

The turkey calendar isn’t quite as pretty as it was on Week 1, but dang it, I am ON. TRACK. (Yes, there are a few days where the turkeys are stacked on top of each other. I like to think they’re having a turkey dance party.)

What this proves:

A) Against all odds and former evidence, I am capable of developing a system and sticking to it for longer than 20 minutes.

B) It’s actually pretty easy to write 1,000 words a day, and if you can’t get to it one day (you see those blank boxes?), it’s pretty easy to make up for lost time later on.

The story is coming along! I’ve got awesome characters, an awesome setting, and the whole thing will have a killer ending. Because for the first time maybe ever, I KNOW HOW THE FREAKING STORY ENDS.

Do you understand HOW MUCH EASIER this makes my life?

If you’re wondering where in the world I’m finding time to write 3,000 words on some of these days, the answer is: magic.

Or, more realistically, the answer is either someone is watching my kids or I’ve stayed home from work because the baby had to get shots at the doctor, which was the case today.

Never a lost opportunity, my friends.

Also, I find it works well to set a timer for 30 minutes, write as much as you can in that 30 minutes, keep a record of how many words you got, and then take at least a 20 minute break. I did this three times today and averaged about 1,000 words per sprint. But if I hadn’t broken it up the way I did, I would’ve gotten tired and started puttering around on Twitter or something.

Moral of the story: Sometimes the impossible is actually possible. If we hold our breath, I might actually have this manuscript drafted by New Year’s Eve!

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