In Which I Chuck A Unicorn Through The Air And Win A Prize

The first thing you should know before reading this post is that I never ever ever win anything EVER. The last prize I remember winning was at a quilt show I attended with my grandmother. I was somewhere around the age of seven, and I won a bag of batting.

Imagine my delight as I realized all those quilts I made could now contain a squishy wool filler!

Batting: every young girl's dream.
Batting: every young girl’s dream.

(Spoiler alert: I am not, nor have I ever been, a quilter. To this day I can’t remember why in the world I was at a quilt show, though I assume it had something to do with my grandmother being awesome and wanting to spend time with me.)

(I also don’t remember disliking the quilt show. Maybe I missed my calling as a world-class quilter.)

Anyway, I’m sure I’m forgetting a prize or two I’ve won as an adult, but the point is I am not one of those lucky people who wins every raffle and door prize and special-number-stuck-to-the-bottom-of-your-seat contests.

So today, when I discovered I’d won an ARC of the lovely Sara Larson‘s YA debut DEFY, I made a howler monkey noise and then sent her my mailing address approximately 1.3 seconds later because I CANNOT WAIT TO GET THIS BOOK.



But wait, you guys. Just wait. Because this story gets SO MUCH BETTER.

Sara’s had several contests for ARCs, and although they’ve all seemed really cool and creative, I just couldn’t find the time to enter any of them…


I loooooove Mad Libs, you guys. I love coming up with off-the-wall words that are so wonderfully specific, you can’t help but get a razor-sharp image in your head. And I’m not sure there’s any real skill to creating a high-quality Mad Lib, but I like to think if Mad Libbing were a job, I’d be Chief Executive Mad Libber.

I want you to read my award-winning Mad Lib on Sara’s blog, but I will give you this teaser: the part that clenched the win involved a unicorn being tickled in mid-air.


Now, hop over to Sara’s blog and check out the Mad Lib that won me an ARC (she had a panel of judges! this was all very scientific and official!), and while you’re there, leave Sara some comment love. I know she would enjoy hearing from you!

Until next time, Grasshoppers: keep calm and Mad Lib on. *fist pump*