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In Which My Rambling Grows Increasingly Unpredictable


Yes, this is me.
Yes, this is me.

We’ve got a grand total of three weeks left in school, and let me just tell you we here at the high school are FEELING. IT.

Are you feeling it? The approach of summer in all its green-grassed, sweaty-faced glory? WHO’S READY TO GO TO THE ZOO AND LOOK AT SOME OVERHEATED ANIMALS?

*raises hand*


This is the time of year when several things happen simultaneously:

1) I begin a vigorous and unrealistic scrub-down of my entire house (complicated this year by the toddler AND infant who insist on pooping on things and tossing their toys about);

2) I purchase an assortment of binders and color-coded tab dividers with the goal of organizing my school junk ONCE AND FOR ALL, and

3) I start outlining a new book.


Also me.
Also me.

If you’ve been around here for a while (bless your heart), you may remember me talking about my Irish Gangster Book.

This is not that book.

My Irish Gangsters are going on the shelf in favor of a Shiny New Idea. I’m not quite ready to talk about the SNI just yet because it’s still very much in the planning stages, but I will tell you I am, once again, attempting an outline.


I know.

The “I’m trying to outline” thing is almost as tired as the “I’m trying to get in shape” thing, isn’t it?

(PS: I’m trying to get in shape. But I’m not ready to talk about that, either. Suffice it to say THIS is involved.)

Not me.
Not me.

(I would say the whole operation is doomed from the start, but there’s a lot riding on my successful completion of The Shred, so… perhaps all is not lost.)


So I’m trying to outline this new book before I write it. Either it will help me get my first draft done in record time, or it will suck all the creativity out of my soul and leave me with a dry, dusty book-shaped thing.

Only time will tell.

What’s new with you? Are you looking forward to summer? What do you plan to DO this summer? Are you going anywhere? Cleaning your house? Do you outline your books before you write them? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Leave me a comment and answer some of them, eh? THANKS! I luuurve you!

10 thoughts on “In Which My Rambling Grows Increasingly Unpredictable

  1. This summer, I am getting married (T minus 5 days!!!), honeymooning (which at this particular moment, sleep seems like it will be the main part of the honeymoon), teaching an ACT prep course, editing a book or two, growing some veggies, moving (in with my HUSBAND!), going to family reunion in VA aaaaaand maybe looking for jobs somewhere in there.

    I think I need a cupcake.

  2. I’m currently trying to find another job for summer since no subbing = no money for me 🙁 But I am excited about several months in a row without rain, which in Seattle is A Really Big Deal.

    Other things on the agenda: querying, applying for jobs, trying not to pull out my hair whilst writing ALL THE LETTERS, eating ice cream.

    1. Ugh. Querying. Good luck, dearest. Let us know how it goes! I have a feeling it will turn out well for you!

  3. I love your summer plans. You can do it. I would love to do the shred thing with you. Yup. This is a great idea.

    We’ll be crazy out of town until July. I might stand up on stage in New Places. I MIGHT PUKE! Sounds great, I know.

  4. Ah, summer! Ready is an understatement. That little About Me pic on my blog is a very good indication of how I like to spend my summer days. It doesn’t bode well for writing, but it is oh so relaxing!

    Good luck on your Shred! My wife chose to go with Bob because she thinks Jillian would kick her butt even in book or DVD form – and Jillian was not very nice in the Wii version.

    I do not outline my books. Oh wait, I don’t have any books. Okay, I do not outline my stories. I tried once, but I felt like I needed to punch a time clock.

    My biggest plan for the summer is the continuation of my 10-year (ongoing) project – cleaning and rearranging my garage. Sometimes I think I hear my car sigh as she sits and stares at all the menial pack ratted garbage being protected from the elements…I think I’ve even caught a tear in the corner of her headlights.

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