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Punching The Sads In The Face

I’d be lying if I said the past week was anything other than a giant man-eating mutant robot giraffe made entirely of rotten bananas and stinking of spoiled milk.


“All these people are at the zoo to see us, Carl. They don’t even know we’re robots. Should we just eat them immediately? What do we do?”
“We wait, Larry. We wait. When the time is right, you will know.”
*evil giraffe laughter*

Look, it’s the best picture I could find. YOU try Googling “rotten banana robot giraffe” and see if you find anything good.

Seriously, the past eight days, I just…I can’t even. So much crap.

Today, though, I decided I didn’t want to let The Sads get to me. I didn’t want to let them steal the joy of my healthy husband and children, my excellent friends, my amazing life.

So I’m punching The Sads in the face.


Punch to the Face

There. I feel better.

Today I want to share a few things that have relieved the general sucktasticness of this week, because if there’s any time to focus on the GOOD, this would be that time.

First, I’ve been reading DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver and I loooooooove, LOOOOOVE it. Yes, it is dystopian fiction, so if you’re tired of oppressive governments and weird/illogical laws meant to control society and grassroots rebellions, this book might not be for you.

But if you’re not tired of those things, GET THEE TO A NEARBY BOOK ESTABLISHMENT and find yourself a copy. It is wonderfully written and the entire series is out. Yay!


Secondly, my two-year-old tried cashews for the first time yesterday. So far, she has referred to them as “ashoos” and “Katie shoes.” This, I feel, is excellent. I do not plan to correct her.


And finally, the Divergent movie is actually BEING FILMED! In CHICAGO! And if you have not heard, we have a FOUR!

People keep saying he’s too old. I say, MOVIE MAGIC CAN FIX ANYTHING. Leave Theo alone. He will be a great Four.

Four 1

Oh, and before I leave, I should tell you I am dangerously close to finishing Creepy Faces. Like, daaaaaangerously close. And also I cleaned our bathroom today. Sadly, this is a huge feat for me, so I feel I should share the victory.

Please take a moment to throw this handful of confetti.


Thank you. Now please sweep it up. I just cleaned, after all.


Excellent. You’re quite a good sweeper, you know.

Anyway…forward and onward, Grasshoppers. We should all lounge around tonight, eating chocolate and reading a good book, pausing only to hug our loved ones.

Have a wonderful, calamity-free week.