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April First (And Other Happy Things)

Well kids, it’s March 28. Tomorrow will be March 29, and then Saturday will be March 30, and I’m pretty sure Sunday will be March 31 and then MONDAY IS APRIL FIRST AND I GET TO GO BACK TO WORK!!!


Listen, y’all know I love my babies and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world, but like, we ALLLL get cabin fever when there’s no school or work. The two-year-old wants to be outside climbing and jumping and running, but the 10-week-old wants to nap in her bed because she has allergies and does not exactly appreciate the great outdoors, and Mama just wants to take a shower, and poor Daddy is at work missing us and wishing he could be home.

By 10:00, pretty much everybody is in tears.

Much like Baby J's 2 Month picture.
Much like Baby J’s 2 Month picture.

We are OODLES AND OODLES HAPPIER when the two-year-old is at school with her friends and Mama is at work with HER friends and everybody gets to come home in the afternoon and watch Veggie Tales and eat some cookies. *happy sigh*

So, starting Monday, the niblets will both be learning and socializing at their sweet little school, I will be in the presence of my beloved students, and the hubs will start a brand new job.

It is a BIG DAY, grasshoppers. So big that we’ll probably need to rise extra early, put on our best Colonial clothes, and gather ’round for YE OLDE PEP TALK.

Pep Talk
This is what came up when I searched for “pep talk” on Flickr. It was too good not to use.


As maternity leave wanes, I’ve collected a few tidbits from around the Internets that made me smile, laugh, or maybe throw up a little bit.

(Oh, okay. I won’t post anything that will trigger your gag reflex.)

(OR WILL I? Better stay on your toes.)

So here is the first happy thing:

Every couple months, I get a message from a former student telling me how they are doing in their college Spanish classes, or asking me about studying abroad, or maybe just throwing up a peace sign with a WHAT’S UP MRS. R?

(That last one is entirely untrue. Mostly because no one would ever call me “Mrs. R.” Because this is not an episode of Saved by the Bell.)

(Thank goodness.)


So I’ve gotten fun messages from old students before. But I have NEVER gotten a message from a former student that included a photo of her DECLARING A SPANISH MINOR because I was, and I quote, a “boss Spanish teacher.”

(To be fair, she also sent it to her old Spanish 1 teacher, who is, in fact, A BOSS at teaching Spanish. All this is probably more due to her than to me, but still, I WILL TAKE IT, THANK YOU.)

I asked this girl if I could share her photo (keeping her identity confidential with some creative cropping, of course) and she said yes. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY, YOU GUYS.

RJ (1)


90% of the time, teaching is a thankless job. But that other 10% just makes you want to put on some tap shoes and tap dance your way across America.

Although that sounds really tiring and sort of time-consuming, so maybe not.

Another fabulous (and slightly disturbing?) thing I recently discovered is a Tumblr by Maureen Johnson about her downstairs neighbor, whom she fondly refers to as “8A.” I couldn’t believe this was real.

Maureen also tweets about 8A. Just today, in fact, she posted the following:

So let’s all send Maureen some good getting-out-of-that-apartment vibes, mmkay? Girlfriend has been there for like three years.

And then, as I promised a few of you on Twitter, here is a photo of THE MOM PURSE. Yes, I broke down and got one that is big enough to hold diapers and wipes and bulb suckers and my computer.


photo (15)

It’s kind of awesome, isn’t it? Has a little bit of a cowgirl thing going on. As if I could pull out a lasso and just WRANGLE YOU A CALF, right here and now. Which I totally could. (No I couldn’t.)

Alright, that wraps it up for today. I’m off to revise CREEPY FACES! Have a happy Thursday!

6 thoughts on “April First (And Other Happy Things)

  1. I like that purse! Mine is much less fashionable–a black backpack–but it works. Congrats on going back to work! Sometimes, I wish I was a go to work mommy instead of a work at home one. 🙂

    So, how did you know that J has allergies? Baby R has had a stuffy nose for more than a month, and I’m wondering if that’s the case with him.

    1. Dude, a backpack is a Mom’s DREAM PURSE. And the allergies are… an educated guess. She did have RSV, but I think that is gone because everything totally cleared up and then came back with the temperature drop. It happened to all of us, but worse for her, so I suspect allergies. Or something.

  2. That confidential student of yours told me she was about to be featured here! And man. Your description of that picture sure did encourage me on a rather drab day as an Education student. Cool to see how that worked out. 🙂
    Miss you!!

    1. Miss you too! Keep on trucking… sometimes it is hard, but there are these moments where it’s all so, so worth it.

  3. ¡Hola Señora! El otro día, estaba pensado sobre nuestra clase de Español 3 y mis recuerdos de colegio y era muy sentimental. Estoy una pelota de queso…(?) Jaja. ¡Espero que la transición a la vida de una profesora vaya bien! Ademas, estoy pensando sobre estudiando en un extranjero la próxima primavera…¿posible en Costa Rica? No estoy seguro, ¡pero te diré cuando yo sepa!

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