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Labor Day Weekend: The Good, The Bad, And The Overeating

I’ve been sitting here for a solid five minutes, trying to think of how to arrange this blog post, and all I can think to do is to break this weekend down by days. So. Everybody just bear with me, yes?


Saturday morning began as they usually do around here: a toddler shouting “HEY! HEEEEEY! MAMA! DA-DEE! NO BED! UP? UP?”, Rob and I performing exaggerated rolls, grunts, and sighs in hopes that the other one will get up first, and some sort of DVD that involves singing and bright colors.

Her favorite DVD right now is the Gigglebellies. Do you see what I mean about the bright colors? It’s like Lisa Frank up in here.

Normally, Saturday is Rob and Toddler Girl’s date morning–they go get French toast at a local barbecue joint (whose breakfast, oddly enough, is FAR better than their barbecue), go to the park, and then maybe go to the Magical Land of Target.

But this Saturday was different. We packed up around 10:00 am and headed to Rob’s parents house for lunch. We ate spaghetti and hung out for a while…and then we came back home.


Yes, our 21-month-old daughter SPENT THE NIGHT with her grandparents.

Although we obviously love her more than all the rainbows and kittens in the world, it was a much needed break–especially as we had a Fancy Wedding to attend that night.

And y’all, I was SO EXCITED about this Fancy Wedding.

“There will be a reception!” I said. “And cake! And we can stay out LATE!”

“Late?” Rob said. “You want to stay out late?”

“I want to stay out LATE,” I declared.

We were home by 8:15. BUT, see, the Alabama–Michigan game was on, and we were excited to watch that, and seeing football on the TV triggered some kind of Automatic Autumnal Response in my brain because I immediately put on my pajamas and asked Rob to make me some hot chocolate, never mind that it was NINETY DEGREES outside.


AHHHH YES. I don’t even like football all that much, and I don’t really know any of the rules (I’m that girl who says things like “IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?” when somebody gets tackled). But oh, I love the season. (Photo by Diamondduste on Flickr)

Anyway, I went to bed at 9:30 and Rob fell asleep on the couch sometime during the third quarter when it was a billion to seven in favor of Alabama, so I guess it’s safe to say our Late-Night Partying Skillz are somewhat dulled.

Ah, well.


After church, we went to lunch with my mom, where Rob got a giant cookie that tasted delicious but caused immediate digestive regret. Then we ambled around this big shopping center/outdoor mall place here in the ‘Ham for quite a while. We bought some birthday presents. We even got Pinkberry.

In a word, it was fabulous.

Dinnertime rolled around and we met Rob’s parents for dinner so we could “secure the goods” (pick up our daughter). I don’t know if y’all have ever taken an almost two-year-old out to eat, but she is interested in the PEOPLE! and the LIGHTS! and the picture of the PIG! and the SILVERWARE! and the BALLOONS! and the PIE!


But, unfortunately, she was not so interested in her dinner or the high chair. I tell you what, it is a team exercise, eating out with that little girl.

(Toddlers are SO SMALL. How is it possible that they’re capable of causing such huge ruckuses?)

Anyway, then we all went home and went to bed. Exciting, no?


First of all, I should tell you that the reason I’m able to blog right now is that Rob has taken Little Bit to Cookout #2 of the day, which I’ve opted out of due to exhaustion and a strong desire to read the last fifty pages of INSURGENT.

And he JUST sent me this picture. Looks like our daughter is chasing another kid down while wearing her pink cowgirl boots.

Ah, good times. She probably wants that girl’s football. Don’t ever say we didn’t teach her to go after what she wants.


Cookout #1 started around 10:30 this morning at my parents’ house. We had delicious barbecue that was picked up from an AMAZING place down the highway, which was fantastic because, hey, nobody had to actually fire up the grill.

I’m all for letting restaurants do the dirty work on holidays, you know?

And someone–either my mom or my grandmother–made deviled eggs, and CAN I JUST SAY that I could have eaten my weight in those things? There is nothing that screams SOUTHERN HOLIDAY quite like deviled eggs.

Except maybe fried okra in the summer.

Or fried green tomatoes.


All the children–ours, plus my sister’s almost three-year-old twins–napped together in the same room, which was a Labor Day Miracle in and of itself, and then they all got up and ran around and stole each other’s toys while my sister and I had our souls sucked out by a Where’s Waldo book, and OH, it just couldn’t have been a better day.

Oh wait: it’s about to get better, because I’m about to finish INSURGENT. Woop woop!


Did I tell you I finished revisions on SHADOWS and that it’s going through edits as we speak?!

Did I tell you I’ve started working on CREEPY FACES again and that it is AMAZING and I LOVE IT and I cannot wait to finish it?!?!

Did I tell you that we are having ANOTHER GIRL?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…Oh, I didn’t? Oops. Sorry about that. I need to do better about keeping you in the loop, don’t I?

Anyway, how was your weekend? Did you chase anyone down in your cowgirl boots? Have any barbecue? Get any writing done?

DO TELL. I have missed you!

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  1. I totally want/need to read Insurgent! Even my parents have purchased and read this book before me. Anyway, sounds like a busy, busy weekend and I totally hear you on the trigger events for autumn attire. I’m in sweats right now!

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