Shadows of the Hidden

Request An Advance Copy Of SHADOWS!

Lovelies: First, I must tell you that I am flattered–honored–KNOCKED SLAP OVER by your enthusiasm for SHADOWS’ cover! I must agree with you that it’s pretty much stunning and awesome and whatnot. I can’t wait to see it in person!

Anyway, we’ve reached the portion of our program where people are curious about the whole ARC (Advance Review Copy) process, and after a brief email exchange with Ye Olde Publisher, why, I have ANSWERS for you!

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be compiling a list of people to receive advance copies of SHADOWS for review. Here’s what I know about the ARCs:

  1. They will be electronic, not printed.

Aaaaaaaand there you have it.

I’m not sure if they will be available through NetGalley or what, but they’ll be e-versions for the sake of cost savings, so if you’re thinking of requesting one, just keep that little nugget in mind.

OKAY. So. Basically, because you’re all so pretty/handsome/gender-neutrally-good-looking, the only way we can choose who receives an ARC is to have you fill out this CHARMING little form and tell us a bit about yourself. We’ll make the selection from there based on what review channels we feel would be most beneficial.

And listen, if you don’t get selected, PLEASE don’t feel bad. We’re not planning to send out bazillions of these things, so just remember that ALL of you are awesome and we are so appreciative that you would consider applying for an ARC! Really. You rock. SMOOCHES. It’s just that we can’t send one to everyone.

I’m not exactly sure when the ARCs will be sent out, although I’m fairly certain my publisher needs a final manuscript before that point, which they don’t have yet, ha ha ha HAHAHAHAHA! (Crazy lady laughter) so it’ll be a few weeks/months. But definitely BEFORE DECEMBER. You can count on that!

Okay! Here is the form! Happy submitting!