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The Respite Project: Nominate Your Friends In Need

Yesterday I received an email from my sweet friend Mercedes Yardley. She and I have never actually met, which is something I take SERIOUS issue with, but we’ve done some emailing. I try to convince myself that email is an okay substitute for face time.

The lovely Mercedes.

Anyway, Mercedes’ email wasn’t really about my novel The Clearing–in fact, it was more about depression–but in the middle of it she dropped this little tidbit, not knowing how much it would inspire me and the campaign it would spawn:

“I read The Clearing while on bedrest, knowing that I was going to lose two of my children. I loved it. The story, the characters (I’m a huge Liam fan), the world, the purity of it. Know that your book gave me some joy during a very dark time. Thank you so much for it!”

The bedrest she’s referring to was when she was pregnant with triplets . . . only one of whom she was able to bring home from the hospital. The others didn’t make it. She knew that’s how things were going to be, from fairly early on, I think. And to be confined to bedrest while it’s happening, knowing that there is such a struggle going on inside of you, unable to distract yourself with much of anything because you’re not allowed to move around–

Well, to say it humbles me to know that she found some respite from that in the pages of my little book . . . that would be quite the understatement.

I asked Mercedes if I could share this story and that snippet of her email. I told her what I planned to do with it, and she gave me her most enthusiastic blessing, so here we are. Without further ado, I give you:


The Basic Idea:

I’d like to send a copy of my out-of-print novel, The Clearing, to five people who are dealing with something difficult in their lives. I’ll choose these five people based on your nominations.

The Details:

Think of a friend, classmate, or family member who is dealing with something very difficult. Ideally, this person will also enjoy reading YA literature and finds comfort in the pages of a book.

Once you’ve settled on a person to nominate, send me their name, address, and a description of what they’re going through. You can email me this information at: annerileybooks (at) gmail (dot) com. (Don’t forget to replace the words in parentheses with the actual symbols.)

I’ll choose five people and send each of them a copy of the book with a note explaining that they were nominated for The Respite Project by someone who cares for them. I won’t give them your name, so the decision to reveal your identity will be left up to you.

Disclaimers And More Details:

  • You may nominate anyone in the world, from any walk of life, young or old.
  • Please do not nominate yourself.
  • I will not use your nominee’s information for anything other than mailing the book and will delete it from my email account immediately afterwards.
  • If your nominee is chosen, I will let you know via email.
  • I will accept nominations from now through Friday, March 16.

I’m super excited about this, y’all! I mean, I know it’s such a small thing–my book can’t change anyone’s circumstances, and I understand that. But I do hope it will provide a small amount of light in an otherwise dark time.

So go ahead–this can’t happen without you! annerileybooks (at) gmail (dot) com. Send me your nominees!

12 thoughts on “The Respite Project: Nominate Your Friends In Need

  1. Hey Anne. This is uncanny. I have spent the last weeks grieving over my dear friend’s terrible news and struggle with an inoperable brain tumor. She is a lovely woman, a children’s book author, and this thing is robbing her and her family far too soon. I had a quilt made for her last week. We’re sending things to try and keep her spirits up and bring comfort. She can no longer walk, is having speech issues, and short term memory problems. She’s so frustrated she can’t write and is still talking about the plans she has for her work. She can still read and that’s been a blessing. We’re all keeping her in prayer. It’s a grim prognosis.
    I’d love to nominate her for your beautiful gift. Please let me know any information you may need and thank you for such a meaningful expression of goodness.

    1. Thank you for letting me know, Kimberly! I will forward this to my email and add your friend to the list of possibilities.

  2. Also, I have a friend named Debbie who was diagnosed with breast cancer this past November. She is the mother of four boys and her husband was one of the teachers displaced at our last school (I told you about it all). She’s had a double masectomy, is going through chemo, and she is incredible.

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