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Just Call Me Flo-Jo

Guess what, Readers? I’ve gone running TWICE since accepting my husband’s 5K-in-32-minutes challenge! Isn’t that SUPER EXCITING AND IMPRESSIVE?

Last night–which was Running Adventure #2–I actually went to the gym (!!!) so that I could use a treadmill and measure my distance more accurately. And by “more accurately” I mean “more accurately than not measuring it at all, which is what I did on Running Adventure #1.”

And in case you missed it on Twitter and Facebook, here are the results. Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY.

Okay, so, just hang on a second before you fall out of your chair laughing. This was only my SECOND time. And, AND, it was running combined with walking, like, what’s it called? Interval training? I could be making that phrase up, but I’m PRETTY sure that’s what I did last night.

Interval training. That sounds very important and official, as if I’m the kind of person you might see sprinting through a thunderstorm wearing Spandex leggings and a sports bra, teeth gritted in determination, wet hair plastered to the sides of my face, because I’m just THAT COMMITTED to running.

“Dude, this is the WORST idea we’ve ever had.”

“Yeah, but at least we’re all GOLD and SPARKLY!”


Today at school, you’ll be glad to know, was MUCHO less eventful than yesterday. (That’s “much” for you non-speakers of the español.) There were no tornados and no near-car accidents. No sweaty teens crammed into un-air conditioned hallways.

So basically what I’m saying is that I have a DELIGHTFUL lack of traumatic events to report.

Today was our last day of school before Thanksgiving break, although I will be at work tomorrow. We won’t have students, though; it’s a faculty workday. I’ll spend most of the morning in meetings, which I know you’ll want me to live tweet (psych!). I might even do a little grading in my free time, seeing as how the pile of papers in my inbox is probably about to grow fangs and eat me alive. And if THAT happens, I really will live tweet it. Until the papers swallow me, of course. It’s hard to tweet from the belly of a paper beast.

If I wait much longer, some kid is gonna have to dig me out of this, and that’ll just be embarrassing.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything exciting? Anything blissfully UNexciting?

10 thoughts on “Just Call Me Flo-Jo

  1. The fact that you spent 30 minutes on a treadmill at all is impressive to me! I can’t spend 30 minutes in a room WITH a treadmill (implication: I can’t even bother to be at the gym for 30 minutes.)

    1. Normally, I can’t either. But the promise of a WHOLE WEEKEND TO WRITE will make me accomplish the impossible!

  2. So proud!!! Just keep doing it, one day at a time…I believe in Anne Riley!

    As for my plans for the weekend (since you asked), I will be sleeping in tomorrow (holla!), picking up a couple kiddos from school at 12:40, babysitting until 5ish and then I’m supposed to go on a date. Well, we may not go because he’s not feeling well. Anyway….Saturday, I’m supposed to go to the Bama game with Sick Guy if he is feeling well. Sunday is reserved for 8 hours of cooking splendor, with me slaving over a very large pot (read: 26 quarts large) of Mollo Gravy, our version of spaghetti sauce.

    Am I exciting or WHAT?!

  3. Nothing exciting planned here since I work on the weekend. Actually, there could be excitement, guess thta all depends on how work goes. 😉

    I think it’s awesome that you’re doing a marathon. And my times certainly wouldn’t be any better than those!

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