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The Call Of The TP

When I was in high school, my friends and I used to “roll” people’s houses. I think the term “roll a house” might be a southern thing, though; you may know it as “TPing.”

I don’t know what the attraction of The Roll was, really. It was expensive (not to mention wasteful), risky (we could have been arrested), and SUPER annoying to the owners of the house (read: our friends’ parents).

And yet, the call of the TP was like a siren song to our 16-year-old ears.

We would go to Wal-mart and buy the econo-package of store-brand toilet paper. The cashier would look us up and down before giving us a crooked smile, as if to say, Yeah, I know what you’re up to. And I think it’s funny. 

Then we’d drive to a friend’s house wearing all black and sling as much toilet paper into their trees as we possibly could. If a car went by, we would hit the ground like escaped prisoners avoiding gunfire from the guards.

And when it was all over we’d run to the car, hearts pumping, and make the quickest getaway you’d ever seen.

Did you ever do this? And more importantly, were you ever caught?

17 thoughts on “The Call Of The TP

  1. Yep. For the first time this summer. We decided it was just something I had to experience before college so we rolled the guy that I liked back in 9th grade that didn’t like me back. Good times rolling!!

  2. the ultimate teenage pastime. Yes I did it, lots. And wanna know whats even funner? TPing as an adult. Yup – age 28 I went TPing and laughed my head off. Although I think the bigger adreniline rush is knowing that if I get caught as an adult – the consequences are much worse.

    TPing won’t be done again for a long time….TP is just so darn expensive – just part of what sucks about being an adult.

    1. I know! Now we’re all practical about it, wondering if the amount of fun we have is worth the 10 bucks!

  3. Hahaha yes! Only a couple of times though – one actually being our pastor’s home… oops! It was an “all in good fun” kinda thing… The second time I was wearing uber popular at the time (most likely another southern thing) Clarks Wallabees and socks and in my mad dash to the getaway car one came off! I was so panicked but did manage go back grab it and make it away!

    And you know what, I actually just had this conversation with a friend up here (DC) that is from Jersey and she had NO IDEA what I meant when I said “Did you ever go rolling? [Blank stare] You know, roll a house?” She had never heard it called that and was trying to figure out what “rolling a house” would look like… haha

    1. Oh and I meant to add – to tell on my own parents – an adult/holiday themed/prank they did to a friend once was they went around all of town right after Christmas with a pickup truck and got all the Christmas trees on the street and one night FILLED their friend’s porch with them! GOOD MORNING LEFT OVER CHRISTMAS! ;D

  4. Sadly, I did not engage in this southern rite of passage even one time. But have you ever heard of lighting the stuff on fire to get it out of the really high places? Heard that one from a friend with more experience in these matters, but thought it sounded like something Smokey the Bear would NOT approve of. 😉

  5. When I was in high school we had a battle of the mission teams at my church. The international team vs the domestic team. It went on all summer long. Neither group ever got busted, but there was a mess to clean up every weekend. Fun to roll, but not fun when it was your house…clean up…ewwww.

  6. I am guilty of this. Not only did we (and by we, I mean me and a few friends who will remain anonymous) roll Mrs. Garrison’s house, but we ALSO got the Margene’s. Let’s just day Coach Margene wasn’t thrilled and we had to help pick it up later.

    BTW, I have a friend who is 30 and married and still tries to convince us to “go rolling” every time she visits B’ham.

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