Some Exciting News For My Stalkers

Hey y’all! I’m just stopping by for a quick post today to tell you about a couple events I’ve got coming up. If you live in the Birmingham, Alabama area . . . or anywhere in the southeast that is within driving distance of Birmingham . . . or if you don’t live anywhere near Birmingham but have some frequent flyer miles burning a hole in your pocket . . . or you’re just loaded with cash and looking for a reason to leave your castle in Europe and have an affinity for crippling humidity and carb-laden Southern food, well, I’d love to see you at these things!

Thursday, July 21: I will be hanging out with the Society of Technical Writers at Chappy’s Deli from 11:30-1:00. This is the Highway 280 location. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll talk about or how this is going to be set up, but rest assured there will be confetti and maybe some cotton candy involved.

Okay, there probably won’t be either of those things. But I’d be willing to bet there will be deli meats, and WHO AMONG US doesn’t love a good deli meat?

Seriously though. I’ll try my best to be fun and entertaining. And I’ll be selling my first novel, The Clearing, at a discount! So come hang out with us if you can!

Saturday, July 30: I’ll be speaking at Write Club, which meets at the Hoover Public Library. We’ll be out on the Plaza, which is the cool cafe area. There’s a stage. And microphones. Hopefully I will not be required to use either one, because both are scary.

Anyway, I’ll probably talk a lot about the writing process and how I got where I am today, with a focus on researching and querying agents. If you came to or heard about my North Shelby Library event – you know, the one where we all drove home amidst the tornados – it will be a horse of a very similar color.

Minus the tornados.

Although hurricane season is upon us, so really, who knows what kind of inclement weather we might face?

Anyway, I will sell The Clearing at a discount at Write Club as well, so bring your cash! Woohoo!

Hope to see as many of you as possible at both of these events. I love writers and I love talking about writing. I also love discussing dragon lore and whether or not leprechauns actually exist, so we can talk about that, too. Just whatever.

Come if you can!

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    1. Aw, I wish you did too! PS – I am gonna send you another of my random emails. Be prepared.

  1. Yay for publicity! I love that your book is getting out there….YOU DESERVE IT! It’s such a great book…I’m about to re-read it just because…..well, just because.

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