Operation Hotmother: Not Winning

*longsuffering sigh* Okay, friends, here’s the thing. Operation Hotmother has officially become THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. Nothing changes. Nothing makes a difference. That scale reads 163 if I work out. 163 if I don’t. 163 if I eat lettuce all day. 163 if I chow down on some Wendy’s.


We’re changing tactics . . . AGAIN.

I’m done with the scale. Done with freaking out every time it goes up half a pound. Done with feeling like I need to be a certain weight by October. Because you know what?

I’m healthy. And I feel good. And really, that’s all that matters. I’m eating pretty good (if you ignore that Wendy’s thing) (and also the fact that I had Arby’s for lunch today) and I work out regularly.

So this is the last post you’ll see on Operation Hotmother. *cue sad goodbye music*

But you know, in a way, I felt bad blogging about my weight. Because beauty is so much more than what we look like, isn’t it? And why did I feel the need to share that particular insecurity with the entire online world? I don’t know. I guess it was just on my mind after having a baby.

So let’s move on, friends. Forward and onward.

Let’s bid goodbye to the Hotmother.

16 thoughts on “Operation Hotmother: Not Winning

  1. I don’t own a scale. It’s never done anyone any good. Go by your clothes. When you fit into that perfect outfit and love how you look in the mirror, that’s hot. When your back doesn’t ache from sitting up straight and you can carry two jugs of milk without getting tired, that’s hot.

    Scales are just some numbers and media prejudice. Ditch the scale.

  2. You ARE a hot mother! You’re gorgeous. You eat well. You’re charming and intelligent and 5’10 and 163 is great! You’re slim. Your body is obviously comfortable. You’re brave enough to post about your weight, and you’re even braver to realize that it was making you unhappy. I’d say this whole thing was a success! You’re probably my hero right now. 😀

  3. Don’t feel bad, it’s an insecurity you share with just about every woman in existence. Sharing it makes you more relatable, not shallow! You’re right though, as long as you’re healthy and happy then the numbers don’t matter!

  4. You’re beautiful. And I’m glad you shared because people like me got to watch God work this into the proper place on your priority list and be reminded that I need to keep it in the right place on my priority list, too. I don’t know a single female above the age of 12 who isn’t insecure about something about her body, but we all just need this:

    “Behold, you are beautiful, my love; behold, you are beautiful;”
    Song of Solomon 1:15

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