Happy Sunday morning, all! I was supposed to do this yesterday, but… I didn’t.

So, here we are.

Oh, and PS: I was TOTALLY wrong about how many entries we had! There weren’t just two of you, as I previously thought. I was off by more than 30%! That’s right – THREE of you entered!

Which means the arena-death-face-off should take place between:

ANSLEY, who is the luckiest person on Earth and has won at least three of my giveaways, even the ones where over a hundred people entered;

DANA, who beat me in a Writer’s Duel almost a year ago, which resulted in me having to post this picture of myself;

and CAROL, who… well, I don’t know Carol very well, but I am sure she’s a lovely person and I wish I did know her better!

Ansley and Dana both have two entries because they Facebooked and tweeted about the contest respectively; Carol has one entry.

I’ll assign numbers, then have my husband pick our winner.

1-2 Ansley

3-4 Dana

5 Carol

Me: “Hey Rob, pick a number from one to five.”

Rob: “Three.”

So there you have it, folks – Dana has won the Summer Bookfest Week One Giveaway of GUANTANAMO BOY! Congrats Dana! Please email me via the contact page with your mailing address – and get ready for another Writer’s Duel, missy!

Everyone else, please check back tomorrow when I’ll have an absolutely KICKIN’ new release to give away! (PS – if you’d like a sneak peek of what I’ll be giving away, check out Afterglow Book Reviews – you can find a link on my sidebar!)

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6 thoughts on “Winner of GUANTANAMO BOY

  1. Dana Elmendorf says:

    Yay! I rock! Okay…it’s not like I actually had to do anything to win except for be present but at least I did that well. Ha. (i’m such a dork.) We should duel again! THough I’m still editing my MS, I could take a break to SPANK YOU AGAIN! HAHA!

    I’ll message you my info. THanks again and I’ll see what you have next week too.

    1. Anne Riley says:

      I’m writing something totally new, so I need a kick in the pants for word count!! Let me know when you’re ready!

    1. Anne Riley says:

      You didn’t comment on the blog, did you? Sometimes your comments get filtered as spam for some reason, but I usually catch them. Hope I didn’t miss you!

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