Hi friends! Just a quick note to remind you that today is, in fact, the last day you can enter to win a free copy of my first novel, The Clearing. Also, I feel obligated to remind you that if you do win a copy, it will have the original cover – I don’t even have a copy with the fancy new cover yet! But, y’know, if you like it and want one of the fancy covers, you’re oh so welcome to purchase one!

Here is the link to the entry form. And a couple of you have said that Google Friend Connect wasn’t working for you, and yeah, it was out of commission for a few days there – but it seems to be up and running now. Remember, the more people who become members of this blog via Friend Connect, the more ARCs I get – which means more free books for you!

Speaking of ARCs… I have a couple that I got in the mail very recently. Too recently to include in the Afterglow Beginning Of Summer Giveaway, but obviously, I’ll need to give them away SOMEWHERE…

Anyone picking up the hints I’m dropping? That’s right peeps, keep your eyes peeled… I’ll be giving away three ARCs and one new release very, very soon! Check back later this week for details, and don’t forget to come buy TOMORROW to see if you won a copy of The Clearing!