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In Which I Am Totally Humbled; Also, 2010 In Review

I haven’t blogged in, oh, a solid month. And you know what I just found out? 50 people are still checking this website every day.


Not much when I’m actually doing something on here, like, I don’t know, UPDATING MY BLOG. But I haven’t been doing that. And 50 lovely, wonderful, faithful people are still coming back. And it’s probably not even the same 50 people.

I feel so bad.

Thank you, 50 people, for sticking with me even though I have all but abandoned you. Truly, you rock. And as a reward for your rocking-ness, I give you:

Anne Riley’s 2010 Year In Review

Okay, yes. I am a bit slow on the uptake as far as my Year In Review goes. But, lest we forget, something happened recently that is taking up a good bit of my time.

So anyway, I’ve been a little busy. But that is NO EXCUSE to abandon my dear blog friends.

And now, without further delay, let’s talk about 2010. Here are some things that happened… and didn’t happen.


1. I wrote another book. Synthesis was the result of many months of imagining and planning and plotting and… well, you get the picture. And I really, really love it. My dear agent has read it once and sent me her big-picture-type edits, which I have done and sent back to her. Next step? Line edits. And then maybe some more edits. We’ll see.

2. My first book did not get published. But, we’re remaining positive and expecting great things to happen in 2011!

3. I got pregnant. And found out about it while trying to “rule out pregnancy” as the cause for some weird physical things that had been happening. Luckily we were in a really good place where we weren’t desperate to be pregnant but also would be excited if it happened, and whaddya know? It happened.

4. I had a baby. See above photo of our Christmas gift this year. We love her 🙂


Fact: That is *not* all that happened this year, but as I sit here and watch my baby squirm on the video monitor, I know she is about to wake up from her nap and I am incapable of thinking through anything else from this year. Lame, eh? Such is life.

Love you all and I hope to be around here more often!

13 thoughts on “In Which I Am Totally Humbled; Also, 2010 In Review

  1. Not lame at all! Those precious little ones tend to tap into areas of our hearts we’d forgotten existed. Enjoy new mommyhood in 2011 and best of luck in the publishing world!

  2. What a beautiful picture of your baby! Thanks for sharing it. Congratulations on writing a new book and going forward with it with your agent! I remain optimistic for both of your books to do very well this year!

  3. I’m excited for you….Synthesis getting started (can’t wait for a final read, btw), sweet Mags showing up, and renewing our friendship in a face-to-face kinda way! I’m glad I’m not just stalking you via internet these days 🙂

  4. A new baby is a valid excuse for not blogging. (Heck, after I had a baby, I don’t think I did anything except watch/care for the baby for the first 6 months.)

    That excuse can last for 18 years, too 🙂 Because things don’t get easier, they just change.

  5. Sounds like a good year in review, and those were the main highlight anyways so that’s all good. She is adorable, which you know already. We understand a bit of an absence for now but look forward to any posts you can squeeze in but for now, enjoy writing and you little one.

  6. Once again, congrats.

    Enjoy your little one! As a mom of four whose oldest is 20, I can say, “It only gets better and better.”

  7. Not lame in the least! That adorable, beautiful baby girl is supposed to be the center of your universe right now. Enjoy every single moment and don’t regret an instant! Have fun 🙂

  8. Best exuse ever for not blogging. Ever.
    Look at that new person on the planet!
    I don’t blog when I have a hangnail or
    the postman hurts my feelings! A baby.
    Sure, it’s been 38 years since I had a baby but
    I remember. Vividly. I remember waking up all sort of forgetful and sleepy like and then going ‘shazam! I have a baby! yep.

  9. Bringing a baby into the world is no small feat, and tends to change our priorities. That is never lame! 🙂 Looking forward to reading more in 2011!

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