I Opened My Mailbox… And Almost Died

This is a proof copy of my book.

I started reading it today.

Oh. My. Word. *hyperventilates*

I’ve already found several things that need to be tweaked format-wise, but once I finish that and get another proof to approve, people, we’re in business. *squeal* I can’t wait!!

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26 thoughts on “I Opened My Mailbox… And Almost Died

  1. Jose says:

    You are awesome Annerlee!! Hey if you want another critique, I’ll be in the Ham on the 20th and would LOVE to give it a read! I might even pay you to read it!! -Jay

    1. Anne Riley says:

      I LOVE that your name is Jose… oh my word… the red shoes. And I would love for you to read it!

    1. Anne Riley says:

      Heather, that would be so great. Right now I’m looking at a release date of March 1. I’ll be in touch!

    1. Anne Riley says:

      You know, I tried to add it, but I can’t get the cover art to upload and then my whole Goodreads account blew up, so… in a word, no. But I’m working on it. 🙂

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