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Crunch Time! Woot! Get Your Game Face On! Also, I Need You.

Okay, so my post title? Might have been a little intense. Sorry about that. But here’s the thing: I am FINISHING my book today.

SYNTHESIS will be done by 8:00pm CST tomorrow night.

Will it be polished and ready to send to Ye Olde Agent? Um, no. Which is where you come in. I’ve got two fab CPs already, but one of them is a bit swamped with life at the moment, so I’m hunting for another one. Or two.

Let’s go ahead and say two. That will give me three total. And I haven’t even asked my other CP if she has time for this right now.

Basically I am looking for someone to read the completed SYNTHESIS manuscript by this Friday, October 2, and send it back to me with constructive criticism. You would get it in your email by Monday morning at the latest, and probably by tomorrow night.

Any takers? Let me know either via comment, email, or Twitter!

5 thoughts on “Crunch Time! Woot! Get Your Game Face On! Also, I Need You.

  1. oooo Congrats on having a finished draft! *stares at own 4 unfinished ones* I’m sure you’ve found readers by now since this was posted hours ago, but if you need anyone still I would gladly offer my services. 🙂

  2. I wish I could read it for you, that would be so much fun! But I’m neck deep in revisions, sorry. Are you a member of Scribblerati? There are a lot of great people there who I know would be more than happy to help you out.

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