Weather Blogfest Entry… Ahem… Sort Of.

So, you remember back in April when we all did the Bar Scene Blogfest, and I totally flaked out on the whole thing, but I felt so guilty about not posting anything at all that I ended up writing a Bar Scene Haiku instead?

Well, I’ve had quite a busy week, as I suspect many of you have as well… and I’ve got nothing for the Weather Blogfest being hosted by the folks over at A Little Slice of Nothing.


Never fear: I will come through for you, just like I did with the Haiku oh-so-many months ago. It may suffer compared to some of the other GENIUS stuff that will be out there today, but such is life.

Without further delay, I give you…

*          *          *

“Furry Regret: A Weather Tragedy.”

There was a young woman who cared

Only for things she could wear.

Then one day it rained

And caused her much pain

Because she was clothed in mink hair.

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7 thoughts on “Weather Blogfest Entry… Ahem… Sort Of.

  1. DL Hammons says:

    Anne ~ You won a prize from my HIGH DRAMA blogfest. Can you send me an email to tbone(dot)don(at)gmail(dot)com so I can tell you about your choice of prizes. 🙂

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