Let The Dueling Begin!


That’s how many words I’ll be starting with this morning at 8:00 CST.

Now, I know it’s a holiday weekend. And I know lots of us will be busy at some point during the duel. But, you know what? That’s a writer’s life, isn’t it? You’re ALWAYS trying to find the time to write with everything else you have to do.

I mean, when I go back to work in August, I probably won’t be cranking out 5,000 words a day. And then I’ll have a baby sometime in late November / early December, and I REALLY won’t be cranking out 5,000 words a day.

So, let’s do as much as we can this weekend, in spite of the family plans and the fireworks and the barbecue. (Mmm, I can almost smell it…) If everyone likes this, I might do another one next month. And we’ll throw some editing duels in there, too.

So – what’s your starting word count today?

8 thoughts on “Let The Dueling Begin!

  1. Okay, I’m starting at 11637 words (it’s a relatively new WIP). But this morning was the local 5K race and now I’m getting ready for work. Will write later tonight!

    Good luck everyone!!!

  2. Okay — I will try, although I get most of my writing done during the week!! My YA WIP “The Keepers of the Emerald Cave” is at 10,298 words. *WOO*

  3. Yay! I have made it. Had slight issue this morning, truck tire was flat up in the mountains, but still had a good day. Took a nap and now I’m ready to write. I’ll just say my word count is starting at 0 cause well, I have like 3 different novels I might write in for this.


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