It’s Gonna Be A Bloody One, Folks! (Murder Scene Blogfest Is Here!)

We’ve had some great blogfests here in the blogosphere, haven’t we? There was the Kissing Scene Blogfest, closely followed by the No-Kiss Blogfest. Then we had the Love at First Sight Blogfest, and now *snort* some people participated in a blogfest that was, if I’m not mistaken, a PG Love Scene Blogfest. Which, to be honest, I’mย not even sure what that is.

In the course of speaking with several people on Twitter, I have decided to host a Murder Scene Blogfest! Exciting, right? And yeah, okay, a little morbid. And we might all need to go to therapy after readingย so many murder scenes on everyone’s blogs. But SO FUN!

Here’s how to participate. Add your name to the list over on the right. Then, on Saturday, April 10, post your murder scene on your blog. It can be a murder scene from a manuscript you’ve already finished, or one you’ve got in progress, or you can write a brand new one. It’s up to you! So get out your ski masks and blunt objects, put your name on that list over there, and get ready for a day of killer fun (hehe) on April 10!

59 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be A Bloody One, Folks! (Murder Scene Blogfest Is Here!)

  1. Woot! I have several murder scenes in my WIP, so now I just have to decide whether or not to post one of those or write a brand-new one…hm…

  2. Jennifer: So sorry you can’t enter, but I look forward to your comments! I know you’ll have fun reading.

  3. Anne, I follow you on Twitter and saw that you are doing this. I have never written a murder scene, but think it sounds fun. I will give it a whirl.

  4. Awesome idea! I’m afraid murder scenes are yet another item that does not fall into the MG category, so I won’t be participating (and before anyone reading these comments tries to challenge me into writing a MG Murder Scene–or some other craziness of that sort–I will also say I’m up to my EYEBALLS in massive revisions so…um…NO.) BUT–I look forward to reading them from everyone else! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Angie: That is awesome! Hey, there’s a first time for everything, right? I bet it will be great!

  6. I’m going to have to skip ahead in my rewrite progress and get the perfect scene ready! Woot! I can’t wait!

    Anne, I add a link to this in the sidebar of my blog, so hopefully you’ll have lots to read!

  7. Oh I want to participate but I won’t be in town!!! Ugh!!! I might sign up and attempt to put it on my blog while out of town, because we all know I’m terrible at unplugging, so I might actually take the plunge and try this thing out!

  8. Charity: For sure! I think it makes us better writers to step outside what we’re comfortable with and used to. Glad to have you along!

  9. Jen: That would be great! If you use blogger, I think there is a way you can set it to upload at a specific time.

  10. Courtney: I didn’t know about the bar scene blogfest! Thank you so much for telling me… I’m totally signing up for that one! Oh, the potential…

  11. Oooo that’s an awesome one – and on my birthday too! I can’t wait to read them. I don’t think I have any murder scenes in my storues, I mean really good ones… hmmm. Looking forward to the entries ;o)

  12. Oooh! Charity put me onto this blogfest and it looks FAB.

    Mind if I join? Don’t think I can write true murder for toffee but I love these kind of things and am all for expanding my horizons! :~D

  13. Hey Erica! No sweat – we need people to read all the entries, too! So just sit back and enjoy…

  14. This is such great timing! I’ve just started my site and I have a short story I’ve started for it. Its a murder mystery! I’m working like 50 hours a week now, so I have very little time to write at the moment, but I’m going to try! This could be great!

  15. Score. This is so much better than the PG MG sex scene that I couldn’t write.

    Now, this is something I can write and I actually already have it in my current WIP!! Yay!

    So excited! Thanks.

  16. Lilah: Of course it’s okay! I’m so glad you found me, and you’re right, that’s totally perfect timing! Thanks for adding me to your links!

  17. Jemi: No pressure! If you don’t get anything posted, at least you can enjoy the other posts.

  18. Lorel: Fantastic! I can’t wait to see what your scene entails! I bet it will be brilliant.

  19. Sarahjayne: Awesome! So glad you’re in, and I’m really happy you found me. I love it when I find new blogs. It’s really cool to meet new people on here.

  20. Tiffany: You and me both, girl. I was like, PG love scene? Uhhh, no. Murder is totally my forte! Glad you’re joining in the fun!

  21. This looks fun. I don’t often kill characters in my novels, and if I do they are hidden scenes. But I might have one or two to choose from for this blogfest. Love the fests and glad to have another one to join. Such craziness.

  22. I’d like to try this out. It will be my first blogfest. I’m a wee nervous though. I’m going to write something before I add my name to make sure I can get it done.

  23. I may have to tone down my murder scene a little bit, but I’m there! I knew being a mystery writer would eventually prove good for something! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your new sight GORGEOUS by the way!

  24. Yay, a Blogfest I can get into! I’ve already got a great scene. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been seeing mentions of this here and there, so know your minions are out there doing their thang.

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