Week In Links 2.26.10

You know what I’ve realized recently? That we, as aspiring authors – or even as published authors, in some (lucky) cases – cannot afford to underestimate the value of good publicity.

I mean, at the end of the day, our level of appeal to the public and the extent to which our names are known has a lot to do with how much success we can expect as authors. Not to say our writing isn’t the *big* thing, but PR and marketing sure are important.

The tough part – for me, at least – is effectively engaging in the marketing/PR side of things without coming off like a total narcissist.

This is the reason I’ve chosen to do the Pre-Famous Author Series here on the blog. It’s a way to connect all of us writers to each other, and it’s a way for you, dear Readers, to find writer friends you wouldn’t otherwise know about – without anyone having to toot their own horn.That’s right! Give me your horn and I’ll toot it for you!

(That sounded just a little bit dirty, but I really didn’t mean for it to.)Anyway. I’ve decided to implement a new feature on the blog, in addition to the Pre-Famous Interviews, that will (I hope) accomplish the following things:

  1. Foster more awareness of other writers out there in Internet World.
  2. Encourage interaction among said writers. And finally,
  3. Possibly initiate more blog wars for my own entertainment.

So what is this new feature, you ask? Well. Feast your eyes upon THIS! *yanks curtain back to reveal new “Week in Links” series, which sparkles and causes crowd to gasp and squint in the sudden light*

The new Week in Links feature is exactly what it sounds like. As the week progresses, I’ll make a note of any blog posts, articles, or tweets that I feel are especially helpful to us as writers, helpful to us as human beings, emotionally moving, or just plain entertaining. Then, on Friday nights, or maybe Saturday mornings, I will post those links for your enjoyment. Hopefully, this will also be helpful to those of you who are unbelievably busy and just might not make it to the blog world that week.
By the way, I am operating under the assumption that everyone would like to be linked to. I am, however, aware of what happens when one assumes, so please tell me if you would prefer not to be linked to and I will happily oblige.
Do I have links for today, you ask? Why, as a matter of fact, I do! And boy, are we kicking it off right!
  • Sara McClung posted a cat video that got me so tickled I made my ugly laugh/cry face. In front of people. At work. It’s almost 8 minutes long, but it’s worth every second.
  • Heather Trese blogged about finding the elusive teen voice in your writing. This one is directed at YA authors, particularly those whose protagonists are teen girls.
  • Kiersten White wrote a parody screenplay for a fake episode of Lost that had me giggling all the way through – and I don’t even watch the show!
  • J. Koyanagi blogged about author branding and how she came up with her logo. It’s fascinating, and it’s something we all need to think about.
Alright, that’s all for today, folks. I know there was so much more genius stuff out there this week, but I didn’t keep up with all of it the way I should have. Hopefully, you saw it anyway. Have a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “Week In Links 2.26.10

  1. This is a really genius idea! I love it! I need to get off my but and actually start posting some stuff that is useful instead of blabbing about nothing LOL Hopefully this will spur my competitive nature and actually do it!

  2. You're trying to instigate more blogwars? What? Huh. Here I thought you were all innocent and sweet and stuff. 😉

    Nice new feature, good lady. Aaannndd you reminded me I'm awfully delinquent in getting a particular something back to you. I shall. Directly. And preferably with a minimum of adverbs…

  3. Harley: Ha! You and me both, honey. Most of the time I just babble incoherently on here. I'll have to come check out your blog!

    Rhonda: Thanks hon! I hope to post some good stuff on here for ya.

    Simon: Clearly, you don't know me at all.

    Tiffany: I know! Blog wars are the best!

    Heather: So glad you have found some friends. That means I'm doing something right!

    J: My pleasure!

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