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Jingle Bell Slump

First of all, I just ran my first ever 5K! It was called the Jingle Bell Run, and it was basically the most laid back “race” ever. I walked probably half of it and froze my tail off. But it was great!!

OK: Bragging about the 5K is officially done for today.

On the blog, at least.


I am in a real slump here, Readers. I’ve got a “finished” manuscript (I put the word “finished” in quotation marks because really, are the WIPs ever truly finished?) that I need to be editing and revising because my agent wants to start submitting it again at the end of January.

There is a lot of work to be done on this thing, people. I mean a lot. And I haven’t even gotten to the hard parts yet – all I’ve done so far is make an outline of Chapters 1-8. And the last time I even looked at the thing was 3 or 4 days ago.

Nevermind that there is an entire section of about 5 chapters that I need to COMPLETELY REWRITE. And please, don’t worry about the fact that we’re no longer marketing it as a definite series, but rather as a single book with potential for more books, which means I need to TOTALLY REWORK THE ENDING.

No, no, there’s no cause for concern about the fact that I haven’t so much as opened my computer for the purpose of working on the book in nearly a week. I mean really, it will get done. Eventually.

That dull thud you just heard? That was the sound of me smacking myself in the face.

What is my problem? Do I think this book is magically going to revise itself, and then one day I’ll wake up and there it will be, all sparkly and neat, ready to be sent out to the remaining editors that haven’t rejected me?

Not that this is an excuse, but I find it so hard to focus when there are other things that I feel are “more urgent” than working on my book. And these oh-so-urgent things normally include: our dirty bathroom, the piles of laundry in our closet, the stacks of dirty dishes in the sink, the fact that I just found Little Women on DVD at the library, and oh yeah, my full time job as a high school Spanish teacher.

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed? I am just OOZING self-pity today.

(Maybe it’s an after-effect of the 5K that I just dominated.)

(And by “dominated,” I mean “managed to finish in 45 minutes.” But it’s really all the same.)

Anyway, the point is, I need to get my head on straight. I need to remember that this book is incredibly important, and that no matter how much I think about the revisions I want to make in the book, nothing will actually happen to it until I sit down and work on it. I need to just deal with the laundry, deal with the bathroom, deal with the kitchen, quit watching movies I’ve seen 17 times, and work. on. the. book.

That is all.

3 thoughts on “Jingle Bell Slump

  1. Once you get started, I'm sure it'll fly. Sometimes it's just the actual starting that's the hardest part. Or maybe it's just your brain telling you that you need to relax a bit. Nothing wrong with that 🙂 Congrats on the 5k domination!!

  2. Congrats on the 5k! It is a feat! Perhaps you are coming down fro mthe adrenaline rush. Good luck with th slump. I know how hard it can feel. I've been sick and it's made me sluggish and not want to return to a manuscript I love. It's weird how that happens. You'll get back into it. And I suspect, like Jemi said, once you dig into it, it will start flowing smoothly for you. Good luck!!

  3. Take deep breath. exhale. Take deep breath. exhale…

    You have a blogging community that KNOWS YOU CAN DO IT – and we're cheering, praying, oozing positive thoughts your way. So, take another deep breath – the best way to finish is to begin! 🙂

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