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I Know. I’ve Been Neglecting You.

I do apologize for my lack of the usual aimless rambling that goes on around here. Truth be told, life has sort of been demanding a little more of my attention lately, which means that there are a few things I’m having a hard time getting done… such as working on my book.

But, while I’m here, I might as well tell you how that’s going.

Truth be told, I am feeling a bit flustered with ye olde¬†novel right about now. I mean, I am having fun working on it, but I’m not sure where I’m going with it… and that’s especially frustrating when I was, at one point, convinced that it was done. Finished. Not coming back to haunt me any more.

Oh, how foolish I was.

Now that The Editors have made it clear that they allllllmost want to publish my book, but not quite, because A, B, and C need to change… well, it’s made it easier to have a little more direction with my writing, but at the same time I’m really having to dig deep and get to know these characters. Who is Natalie Watson? What is she all about? And Liam… well, he’s just strange, and I don’t know anything at all about Ethan, even though he is a central character.

All I have to say about that is: Blerg.

So I guess the thing I have to say to you, my fellow writers, is this: One day, you’re going to finish that book you’ve been slaving over. And then you will edit it, and lots of things will change. And then you will edit it a third time, and probably a fourth. And then you will spend months and months researching literary agents, querying them, and finding rejection slips in your mailbox every day. But then, if you get really lucky,¬†Glory be! One of them will take a chance on you, and you will develop this great relationship with him or her, and they will guide you though yet another round of edits.

Finally – FINALLY – you will both declare the book to be FINISHED! And your agent will send it out to some very exciting people who you’re just sure will eat it up! And then the weeks of waiting for that acceptance will turn into months… and now you’re getting rejections via your agent, and some of them are SO CLOSE to being acceptance that you can’t believe it ended with “But, it’s just not right for us.”

So then you and your agent will regroup, re-assess the book, and make a gameplan for this, the four-hundreth round of edits. And now all you can do is pray that all this hard work will pay off in the end.

But you have to keep working. Keep writing!! Because what if you really do get published? Can you imagine?

It would be amazing. So keep it up.

But be prepared, because this ain’t no picnic, people.

2 thoughts on “I Know. I’ve Been Neglecting You.

  1. Anything worth doing is worth…slaving over. Keep going. You're so close now. How very exciting to have gotten to this stage, though!! Thanks for sharing where you are with things. At times, it gets so discouraging to see the rejections coming in (or worse, to not get a response at all), but you're so positive I can already feel it rubbing off on me.

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