Everything around you is a story waiting to be told.

As a child, stories captivated me in a way that nothing else ever has. I remember countless hours spent in my room with the American Girls series, The Babysitters Club, and my treasured Calvin and Hobbes comic books. I would often sit in the floor of my closet, reading by flashlight (as if I would get in trouble for reading—ha), so lost in the story that everything around me seemed to disappear. It wasn’t long before I wanted to do more than read; I wanted to create. The first book I ever wrote was a 20-chapter epic tale about ferrets, and I printed the whole thing out with no regard for ink usage or paper consumption, because who wouldn’t want to read about my ferret characters? I was nine, and ferrets were cool.

By the time I reached middle school, I had devoured everything from A Wrinkle in Time to The Count of Monte Cristo (and a few other totally age-inappropriate novels, thanks to my older sister’s collection of paperbacks from her AP English class). I was starting to think about what it would be like to go beyond my ferret book and become a real author, with real published books. It sounded fun. I was pretty sure I could do it. And years later, I did.

To date, I have four titles under my publishing belt: one children’s picture book, two young adult novels, and the first in a new cozy mystery series. This doesn’t take into account all of the manuscripts I keep tucked away in a deep, dark corner of my hard drive in various states of completion. I’m always learning and trying to get better, and sometimes, that means spending years on a story only to decide it isn’t the story I wanted to tell, after all. Of course, it’s painful to realize that some of my stories will only live in my head and never on the page, but it also makes life even sweeter when one of them makes it into the world.

In the decade since I first began to write for publication, I have worked with a whole bunch of literary professionals, including agents, editors, and publicists. They have taught me so much that I simply didn’t know when I first ventured into the publishing jungle. Now, I’m using that knowledge for two purposes: to further my own writing career and to help other budding writers achieve their literary goals.

Whether I’m helping an author one-on-one or speaking to a gymnasium full of 400 middle schoolers, talking about writing is one of my very favorite things to do! I love giving insight into the nuts and bolts of creating a book, or talking about characters and worlds that I’ve made up. I also love to hear what my audience is reading—I’ve gotten some great book recommendations that way!

Check out the book trailer for my young adult novel, Pull!

If the ferret thing didn’t scare you off, I’d love for you to look around my site and get to know me a little more. Whether you buy one of my books, contact me for creative coaching, or simply browse some of my old blogs from back when I began this journey, I’m thrilled you’re here—and I hope you’ll come back often. If you’re interested in connecting with me outside of this website, I can be found at the social media links below or at annerileybooks@gmail.com.

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